International students will be “sidelined”, part of the diploma is not recognized, parents are a little difficult to accept

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With the improvement of living standards, parents have higher and higher requirements for educational resources.Many parents are not satisfied with the domestic education environment, and spend expensive tuition fees and living expenses to let students study abroad, receive better education, expand their knowledge, and have more advantages in finding jobs after graduation.When it comes to overseas students, people often think of labels such as overseas returnees, elites and higher education.But as the craze for studying abroad continues at a high rate, even studying abroad is becoming more popular due to parents’ desire to keep up with the Joneses.As a result, there have been a lot of negative comments about overseas students. Is studying abroad to escape the gaokao?Is it impossible to stay abroad after graduation?Especially special period in recent years, many students had planned to go abroad to study, can’t go abroad smoothly, can only through online course learning at home, this show some illegal organizations “business opportunities”, gradually formed system, students only need to complete the course online, even if not to go abroad to study, also can get the “foreign degree”, attracted many students and parents to sign up.In fact, many students want to study abroad just for a diploma, believing that having a “foreign degree” will help them find a job after returning to China. Therefore, cooperating with these institutions can help them enjoy life in China and obtain “foreign degree” at the same time.But in fact, these students themselves are not highly educated, which seriously affects the reputation of overseas students. They use “foreign education” as a pretext to disturb the recruitment market.Then, in the light of this one phenomenon, the Ministry of Education issued a notice.Students will sit “bench”, made clear that part of the diploma is not recognized the Ministry of Education through the cooperation with agencies, online teaching of foreign diploma, China’s talent market, will not be approved if you really go abroad, of returning students who study abroad, can through the relevant departments of the degree certification, which is approve by the recruitment market.This means that some foreign diplomas will not be recognized, and certification will be limited. Those who obtained foreign diplomas through shortcut will not be able to be recognized.Parents find it difficult to accept this, because it is a waste of high tuition fees that foreign diplomas cannot be recognized in this way.Anyway, this notice is of great benefit to the domestic development of higher education, to correct the students degree of uneven phenomenon, still can let everybody to know students, to change students of word of mouth and negative comments, also can let the students realized that studying abroad is not easy, there is no shortcut, only real study abroad experience, through the assessment of the degree will be recognized.It is unfair for those who have not experienced overseas study to only learn about it through TV dramas or media, and to generalize the whole group because a few students in the international student community get their diplomas through irregular means.As a matter of fact, studying abroad is very difficult, and it is not just a matter of money. It requires students to make full preparation and efforts when applying.Taking TOEFL as an example, TOEFL tests whether foreign students have the ability to understand English lectures and normal communication, if the language is not good, it will be difficult to study normally after studying abroad.Although There are English courses in primary schools in China, they are generally exam-oriented education, so there is still a big gap in fluency in communication and learning.Students can apply only if they have a certain level of English, pass the TOEFL test, and achieve the required score.In addition, foreign well-known universities, in addition to grades, but also very see students’ extracurricular activities, interests and so on, so want to study abroad students, to constantly improve the comprehensive ability, to achieve all-round development.To be sure, students who want to study abroad need to spend a lot of time and energy on preparation.And successfully enter the foreign universities, also is not, as you think, every day you can get a diploma, the more strict with students, the better the university for attendance, exams, papers and speeches, etc., whether or not will affect the final can graduate, some college is not after failing the make-up examination opportunity, only to reconstruct the course next semester, if students often fail,They are more likely to be warned or even expelled from school.Therefore, international students also need to bear heavy schoolwork pressure, and greater psychological pressure.I have a saying: everybody should understanding of international students have a fight for, parents also don’t blindly comparing, or want to combine their own family situation, student achievement and willingness to consider whether to choose to study abroad, also don’t believe that as long as spend enough money, even if not to go abroad can also get the “foreign education”, such a foreign diploma is not recognized.If you want to become an international student, you should go abroad with your own strength and seriously study professional knowledge, so as to make contributions to the development of the country and society in the future.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Bobo mom said education