There is a kind of homesickness called Jianshui

2022-06-09 0 By

Lujiang Yiliu, Beigong Ancient Village, Yunshangdianwei……Jianshui has never been shy about sharing its beauty with the world.Tofu, shaomai, steam pot chicken…Jianshui welcomes returnees and visitors with mouth-watering food.My homesickness is nowhere else but in the mountains and rivers, trees and grass.Everyone who comes here can find the shadow of his hometown, which is a fleeting glimpse of beauty passing before his eyes.Is the taste of home between lips and teeth;It is the kind words spoken in the intercourse.Come to Jianshui, or come back to Jianshui, no matter what status, here is the feeling of home.Cloud Daily media reporter Liu Chang, Yin Jie, Rao Yong, Ma Zhe, Liu Yudan, Huang Juichu, Zhao Lihuai, Wu Peizhao