Starting in April, enterprises will receive a “red envelope” of 1.5 trillion yuan in tax rebates

2022-06-09 0 By

Letter net news on April 2 (reporter Wang Qi correspondent Tao Xiaoliang) Since April 1, large-scale stay against tax rebate kicked off.As the highlight of this year’s new combined tax and fee support policy, 1.5 trillion yuan will be reserved as tax rebate “red envelopes” directly to enterprises.Qingdao tax bureau reminded that enterprises in the city that enjoy the policy can file tax returns from April 1.According to a statement released by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, the large-scale tax rebate policy will give priority to small and micro enterprises in 2022, with the focus on manufacturing and other industries.This year, the country’s increasing small micro enterprises as well as the “manufacturing” “science and technology service industry”, “electric power, heat, gas and water production and supply industry” “software and information technology services” “ecological protection and environmental governance industry” and “transportation, warehousing and postal service” (hereinafter referred to as the “manufacturing industry”) retention for tax refund,We will extend the policy of refunding incremental VAT credits in full on a monthly basis to small and micro enterprises and manufacturing industries, and refund their stock of VAT credits in a lump sum.Eligible small and micro businesses and taxpayers in manufacturing and other industries can apply for refund of incremental tax credits starting from the April tax return period.Micro enterprises and small enterprises may apply to the competent tax authorities for a lump-sum refund of retained tax credits starting from April and May respectively. Medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises in manufacturing and other industries may apply for a lump-sum refund of retained tax credits starting from July and October respectively.It is reported that this year’s value added tax policy to stay against the implementation of unprecedented.Before 2018, VAT retained tax is mainly carried forward to the next period for deduction. After 2019, all incremental VAT retained tax in advanced manufacturing industry will be refunded. Certain conditions are set for other industries, and a certain proportion of incremental VAT retained tax that meets the conditions will be refunded.This year, a large-scale tax rebate for retained tax credits will be implemented in advance. Compared with the previous policy, it has four characteristics: early refund, stock tax rebate, expanded scope and guaranteed implementation.In order to ensure the mass leave for tax rebate policy in place, strong, safe stable Qingdao tax bureau launched in the “double tenth action” to keep on tax refund “easily retreat” action, the implementation of tax rebates counselling portraits “smart” and tax rebates for “smart” pre-filled, tax audit “intelligence”, for eligible taxpayers, low risk, further optimization for tax refund transaction process,Simplify the tax rebate review process, help enterprises quickly get retained tax rebate.