Start with Please Speak Mandarin

2022-06-09 0 By

Yesterday (February 6, 2022) afternoon, went to the airport to meet people.While waiting, I read the English translation of “Please speakmandarin.”The first impression is that I am not familiar with this translation method, but I have seen “Please speak Putonghua”.Putonghua is often referred to as “bao dong gua” in the south to illustrate the meaning that “Putonghua in the South is very ordinary”.And then doubt the translation, can it be a translation mistake?Because the word mandarin doesn’t come to mind.The English word Mandrain comes from the Portuguese mandarim, meaning an official of the Chineseempire, also known as mandarin, which is commonly used today.The word Mandarin originates from Portuguese living in Malacca during the Malacca Sultanate who tried to meet senior Chinese government officials and used the Malay marker Menteri- meaning “courtier, minister” to refer to Chinese “senior officials”.But since the Portuguese did not know Malay, they added an “n “to the word “Menteri” and pronounced it “Mandarin.”The foreigner can speak good Mandarin.The foreigner speaks Mandarin very well.So can not help blushing, obviously is their own ignorance, should suspect someone else’s translation is wrong.Of course I don’t want to talk about English, because it’s not my major after all. I want to go back to my major: law.Should not be modest to say that they know a little about the law, especially because of these years in the network every day boast, and then formed a false appearance like Wang someone is a legal expert.Therefore, people often come to consult legal issues, which is of course a kind of trust for me, but it is also a kind of anxiety, because I am not familiar with many fields.Many people will say, you are not good at, not professional areas do not answer, do not touch, what is so difficult?It’s not easy.For the majority of people who come to consult, they do not understand professional law, even if they do know there are cognitive misunderstandings, they are to consult your answer.If you don’t answer, you look arrogant. If you don’t understand, many people will not think you are modest, but think you must be free advice, so do not answer. I believe this is also the annoyance of most lawyers.Answer, oneself is not professional;Don’t answer, people will think not to give money to ignore people, this is really a dilemma choice.Today is the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday in 2022. Many people may not be able to quickly adapt to work, except for the congratulation of the Spring Festival, after all, the holiday has just passed.I mean, is this a time to analyze what we do, what we specialize in?Perhaps this is the most important thing a person, especially a legal person, can do.Professionals do professional things;Their not professional things to the professional people to deal with, they only do their own professional field of things.Since I resigned, I have also faced the problem of professional adjustment.I have a wide range of interests, including criminal, civil, commercial and administrative affairs.However, 18 months of lawyer career tells me that it is worth giving up. I need too much energy to invest in the field and specialty I am not good at, and the output ratio is not high.Therefore, there are thousands of beauties in the world, AND I choose the administrative law alone.In terms of administrative law, it has made great progress, accounting for more than 80% of the total in 2021, and some cases show the advantages and specialties of administrative law.That’s something I can take comfort in.Of course, due to my lack of in-depth study and expertise in some cases, I have not yet achieved my expected goal, which I deeply regret.In 2022, let us each in the professional progress, in the professional research, dig deeper.February 6, 2022