Jolin tsai rarely “dress up as young”, ponytail + floral dress vitality and fresh, 41 years old state no longer

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to the days of fruit era every girl love beauty, but there are different ages of external anxiety, like girls in their 20s some anxiety figure is not slim, some anxiety appearance is not delicate, women in their 30s and 40s are anxious age rise facial aging, protein loss.But jolin had said, in a concert in Paris, 39, she felt very Feelinggood, don’t use too care about the digital age, can make our live more and more young mentality we keep, and dress up, so even jolin the age of 41 years old this year, but she still can pass the dress to restore their 30, the United States,And it’s worth learning her way of dressing.Reduction of age’s style looks be like simple, but it is a match for the older woman problem, should choose appropriate own age style, but also avoid the occurrence of acosmia feeling, greatly reduces the older woman optional age reduction route, but CAI yilin is bright many, in the outer select age joker as a cowboy coat collocation, inside amway irregular broken beautiful dress style fashion,Both the girl’s light spirit vigor beauty, through the characteristic broken flower skirt and small fashion.Version to cultivate one’s morality design of short weight denim jacket, upper body effect is much higher, also can give a personal temperament and exquisite sense of charming is spruce, like jolin tsai, 156 child is small, this style, compare the Oversize choose shorts coat as collocation is more suitable for her, and different item of modern fashion bull-puncher, this kind of color slants shallow jean jacket,With the white button material, the design style also has some Hong Kong charm, which highlights the innocent and simple feeling of the girls in that era.Neri white floral skirt collocation, clever and sweet chiffon fabric feels dye-in-the-wood, plunging neckline design with small area skin feeling to release modelling bright temperament, at the same time corresponding to the neck line can open out more visual space feeling, appear more vivid and artistically of god of the whole people, skirt used don’t gauge design, elegant chiffon clever light form in full,It also shows jolin tsai’s thin legs.Chiffon skirt is very popular in spring and summer season, see this kind of design also smell the spring, summer, the weather, as if the air is full of romantic and sweet artistically, but CAI yilin this floral skirt style is very unique, irregular design, analogy skirt than flat cut the skirt to look western style of aestheticism, and at the same time the agaric edge element to carry on the design,Increased the melting feeling of single skirt greatly more.Floral skirt is a symbol of romantic, than to floral skirts color on selective, floral elements is our choice, emphatically floral skirt like jolin tsai selection were combined with fresh and sweet artistically, refined white as the backing, powder and red two colors as floral elements of excessive, can better to restore the broken flower skirt huan sense of vitality, also don’t show your sense of play acosmia nun.Floral skirt and boots style is tie-in, can make modelling fashion sense more western style, but light colors with black boots is abrupt feels dye-in-the-wood, by contrast, tie-in peep-toe heels is better a choice of older women, can pass the jeans jacket and broken flower skirt to create a feeling of energy reduction of age, also can pass the high heels to reveal their light ripe female smell,At the same time also appears modelling more cool relaxed.Well, I am every day, thank you so good-looking also come to see my article, the above is the collocation of this issue to share!The content is based on the analysis of fashion wear, not for commercial purposes, the pictures are from the network, if there is an infringement to delete the picture sorry.