Jinyang New Energy (01121.HK) signed a memorandum of Understanding on research cooperation for a perovskite/heterojunction silicon laminated solar cell project

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Golonghui April 4, 2011 Jinyang New Energy (01121.HK) announced,The Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Jinyang (Hong Kong) Solar Materials Co., LTD., has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on research cooperation with the Group’s strategic partners fujian Goldstone Energy Co., LTD. (” Goldstone Energy “) and the National University of Singapore (” NUS “)(acting through its Singapore Solar Research Institute (” SERIS “)).The content is related to the research cooperation of perovskite top cell multilayer heterojunction silicon based solar cell device structure, perovskite material, and technology combining perovskite technology with heterojunction solar cell structure (” perovskite/heterojunction silicon layered Solar cell Project “).The research collaboration will be exclusively supported by SERIS’s Laminated Solar Cell research group on perovskite/heterojunction silicon laminated solar cells.Perovskite ╱ heterojunction silicon laminated solar project will be divided into multiple stages, the aim is to combine SERIS of perovskite and laminated related technology, group of wafers and heterojunction battery technology and stone energy heterojunction devices, gradually will perovskite ╱ silicon laminated heterojunction solar cell technology in the development stage, the first production stage to mass production stage.The initial goal of the three parties is to achieve an energy conversion efficiency of over 28% for perovskite/heterojunction silicon laminated solar cells during the initial research phase.This article is from Gronhui