Bank staff revealed that when the deposit exceeds “this amount”, they can negotiate the interest rate with the bank

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In general, our country citizen’s income is basically can choose to save a little, even a lot of financial management and fund this style now, but according to statistics, from balance, or from the perspective of the customer of deposit, deposit is still our people for the use of the remaining money, so that naturally bank is the place of choice for people to finance.▲ Deposit Bank interest Rate Although it is said that many people put their money in the bank, but if you ask them what the interest rate is, they may not know until they put their money in the bank. They may not care too much about the specific interest rate. They only know that there will be interest rising, and they will get more than the principal.But actually the interest rate of the bank is decided by the bank itself, but the scope of the decision must not exceed the standard.According to the data released by the Central bank this year, the ratio of fixed deposit is only about 1.5 for one year, and 2.1 and 2.75 for two to three years.Other banks can basically use this as a reference, and then decide the deposit rate of a place based on the income level and the flow of people there.Over a longer period of time, say five years, more than 3.5% is possible.And generally speaking, it is fixed deposit. If you deposit demand deposit, no one will care about the 0.35% fixed deposit interest. Demand deposit is just for the convenience of deposit and withdrawal.▲ Deposit on interest but the interest rate of these deposit methods are dead, there is no way to discuss interest with the bank, for example, I want 10% interest, can give me this interest rate deposit.In fact, this also is to have a certain observation tips, some bank rate is out of the public, people can see his change every day, so there is a way is, as long as it is today’s interest rates and interest rates than yesterday there was a big gains that can show the bank deposits are pressure, then will attract customers to come to handle the deposit,Many people see interest rates rising and go, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.▲ Deposit Banks choose to raise interest rates naturally know where the ceiling is, these people to deposit can not cause problems in the bank’s funding system.So at this time, we can take the initiative to go to the bank to negotiate the interest rate. Generally speaking, as long as the interest rate is not too excessive, the bank will definitely agree with you. The bank will never take the initiative to tell you if you do not say so.But there is also a requirement, you need to deposit more than a certain amount, otherwise there is no point in talking about the interest rate.As we all know, the upper limit of CD is 200,000 yuan, so the price standard of negotiable interest is also 200,000 yuan, and some banks can be 300,000 yuan.Is setting such a requirement is mainly because Banks generally going to uproot the wool on you, a large deposit to bank can effectively help the listed Banks adjust funding system and storage capacity, so your interest is very important, as long as it is the bank can accept, the interest rate can wind up absolutely, such as 6% May be,Maybe 10% if you save $1 million.Once you are a big customer, the bank’s interest rate will be adjusted back quickly, and there is no need for any depositor’s deposit, so on the contrary, once a bank lowers its interest rate, it means that a big customer has visited.Some people have 1 million who will put money in the bank, investment and financial management is not to earn more, but this price for our people, seems to be a little distant, we may not have that pattern.Don’t be crazy about money, work hard to make money and live in the present is a common goal.