Wanshan town severely launched a crackdown on illegal mining special action

2022-06-08 0 By

Since the policy closure of guizhou Mercury Mine in 2002, the phenomenon of unauthorized mining of mineral resources has often occurred in Wanshan Town, Wanshan District. The illegal miners, driven by profits, have not only damaged the local ecological environment, but also posed a major hidden danger of production safety.In order to comprehensively curb illegal activities, ensure the safety of the people’s lives and property in the town, and maintain social harmony and stability, the town Party Committee and government carefully planned and concentrated the strength of the town to carry out the special action against illegal mining theft.Recently, led by the party Committee, the government, the main person in charge of the joint police station, comprehensive control office, security station and mobilization of militia emergency team 9 groups of more than 50 people, uniform dress, unified deployment, the area of 22 mine adit area patrol, and fight against illegal into the hole mining behavior.Through the launch of the crackdown on illegal mining special action, effectively hit the arrogance of lawbreakers, greatly encouraged the “fight against illegal rule” morale, firm confidence, effectively promote the whole town “security and stability” work.Through the inspection of key departments and key areas, Wanshan town “fight non – law” initial stage results.Next step, the town will be highly responsible for the people’s attitude, enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency, and effectively put the special rectification work on the important agenda to grasp.Actively innovate publicity work methods, strengthen the construction of publicity platforms, make full use of Douyin short videos, public accounts, publicity slogans, publicity materials and other ways to increase publicity efforts, and actively encourage the public to report illegal and stolen mining activities, so as to create a good public opinion atmosphere for combating illegal and stolen mining.We will adhere to the principle of placing equal emphasis on investigating people and cases, and severely investigate and punish illegal mining activities.Continue to carry out joint law enforcement action irregularly, effectively stop and seriously crack down on the occurrence of illegal mining behavior.(Wen Yao Yao)