Suining has named a number of advanced counties (cities, districts), advanced towns, demonstration villages and outstanding villages with key assistance for rural revitalization

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Recently, the reporter learned that according to the spirit of the First document of the Municipal Party Committee in 2021 and the relevant provisions of “Suining City, county (city, district) and Municipal Park to implement the rural revitalization strategy classification evaluation and Incentive Measures”, the Municipal Agricultural Office and the Municipal Rural Revitalization Bureau took the lead in organizing the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy classification evaluation and incentive work in 2021.After the application of county (city, district) and city-direct park, the examination of relevant departments directly under the city, the review and comprehensive evaluation carried out by the Municipal Agricultural Office of the CPC Municipal Committee, the deliberation of the special meeting of the Municipal Rural Work Leading Group and public publicity, Pengxi County was named as “2021 Advanced County (city, District) of Suining City for Rural Revitalization”;Four towns, including Tuopai Town of Shehong City, were named as “2021 Advanced Villages and towns of Suining City for Rural Revitalization”.Xinkai Village, Yongxing Town, Chuanshan District and other 26 villages were named as “2021 Suining Rural Revitalization Demonstration Villages”;Eleven villages, including Lianmeng Village, Yongxing Town, Chuanshan District, were named as “Outstanding Villages with Key Assistance for Rural Revitalization of Suining City in 2021”.2021 Suining Advanced County (city, District) Advanced Town, Model Village key assistance outstanding village list is coming!Come and see if your hometown is listed source: all media reporter Wang Wei editor: Guo LAN Yang Xuewen Lin Min Final judge: Zhou Yifan