Yuxiang Farm: Full of beautiful scenery to welcome visitors

2022-06-07 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the weather is fine, yuxiang farm carefully prepared cultural programs to welcome visitors from all over the world.Yuxiang farm is located on the banks of the Han River. The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger coincides with the beginning of Spring. The weather is clear and the scenery is pleasant.In order to let visitors celebrate the Spring Festival, Yuxiang Farm prepared a number of wonderful performances, so that visitors can not take their eyes off.The farm tumbler show, dancing lightly, graceful and moving;Children’s park in the seesaw, trapeze and other experiential-type items, let children have fun;Acrobatics and face-changing performances of Sichuan Opera also appeared on the stage, winning applause from tourists.According to the tourist Xiao Zhisen, the program is very rich, let me the most impressive is changing face and the dumbler.I’ve been having fun all afternoon and I’m really looking forward to the fireworks and light show tonight.Guo Shuilian, a tourist, told reporters that the weather was very good today and the beginning of Spring came to Yuxiang Farm with her children.You had so much fun. Did you have fun, baby?Happy.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, Yuxiang Farm timely adjusted tourism products, at the same time the introduction of a number of “popular” tourism projects, so that the performance of participatory, interactive, interesting holiday tourism projects, to attract more tourists.In recent days, Yuxiang farm everywhere happy, bustling, attracting a large number of visitors to the park.According to Zeng Jing, head of cultural tourism project of Yuxiang Farm, according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, our scenic spot controls the number of tourists entering the park, about 1,500 people a day.