When brand meets feelings, Yin Hewen stinky tofu into delicious bear

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Changsha is a city with a lot of feelings.In the eyes of catering people, such a city, it is very easy to create a burst, become a network red.When cha Yan Yue Se, Yin Hewen stinky Tofu and other restaurants enter people’s “tourism strategy”, the brand integrates with the city and becomes a part of the feelings of Changsha people, and Changsha has a delicious responsibility since then.People who have been to Changsha have more or less heard of Yin Hewen stinky tofu.Stinky tofu takes the lead in terms of scale and brand potential.In the fierce competition in the stinky tofu market can not hold a place without its hundred years of inheritance and development.Yin Hewen, the founder of stinky tofu, has made stinky tofu into a “name card of Hunan cuisine”.There are two reasons for choosing Changsha stinky tofu to start a business. The first reason is that the national recognition of stinky tofu is very high, but the degree of branding is not high, and the market gap is relatively large.In the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, Yin Hewen’s stinky tofu was developed step by step by Yin’s ancestors. After a hundred years, both production techniques and taste have long been a part of changsha people’s memory.Yin Hewen stinky Tofu has developed from a snack stall into a well-known brand all over the country.Despite its century-old heritage, Yin Hewen’s stinky tofu has not moved forward, but innovated and developed in the process of inheritance.For the creation of products, it continues to upgrade the traditional snacks, adhere to the traditional formula, scientific improvement, standard operation of the three major guidelines.Every industry needs word of mouth to be the best, and word of mouth comes from the product itself.Therefore, Yin Hewen has been adhering to one direction, on the basis of adhering to the traditional technology to comply with The Times to make products.A classic traditional snack needs to go through a long time of inheritance and precipitation. What the inheritor needs to do is not to subvert it, but to Revere it on the basis of traditional cognition, and at the same time, to scientifically improve it and form a standard operation.The founder integrates traditional food culture and years of experience in making stinky tofu, and inherits the techniques of the Yin family to keep the taste of stinky tofu.In addition, with the development of the market and the change of consumers’ taste, the traditional taste is further developed and improved to keep up with the development of The Times.In addition, Yin Hewen stinky tofu has also developed a number of snack products that are deeply loved by consumers, such as grilled cold noodles, crispy potatoes, hot and sour powder, etc., which are the icing on the cake of Yin Hewen stinky tofu.Although the taste of opening a gourmet restaurant is ranked first, it also needs a good brand advantage like Yin Hewen stinky tofu to gain a larger market space.