【 Job Hunting and Recruitment 】 Chuncheng Hotel

2022-06-07 0 By

Nehe City Rong Media Center Spring City Hotel to undertake all kinds of banquets!Weddings, housewarming, openings, full moons, parties.Recruitment: a female manager salary negotiable benefits: monthly paid leave, basic salary performance commission!Working hours good morning 8 evening 5, not corrupt black contact telephone: 3778888 13796323687 “Nehe News” broadcast schedule premiere time: 18:00 replay time: 21:00 the next day 6:30 12:30 network content employees illegal behavior special report email:nhdst2005@163.com public number graphic video source Nehe City rong media Center (Nehe City radio and television station) welcome to reprint prohibit embezzlement