Japanese media: Only South Korean athletes criticized Beijing Winter Olympics village food is not good!Sparked heated debate

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The Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing.South Korean athletes complained that the food at the Beijing Winter Olympics village was greasy and “not good”, but the comments surprised Japanese reporters, as Japanese athletes found it delicious, The Seoul News reported Wednesday night, citing Japanese media sources.The Newspaper quoted Japanese media from The Asahi Shimbun weekly AERA.The article, titled “Japanese media: ‘Only South Korean athletes criticize bad food at Beijing Winter Olympics,'” said, “I was surprised to see reports that the South Korean delegation was dissatisfied with the food at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Athletes’ village. The Reaction of The Japanese athletes was delicious, and there were no complaints from other countries.Another netizen said that even if they think it is delicious, they will say that all other cuisines except their own are disgusting. What a group of narrow-minded and pathetic people.Of course, many athletes on the national team felt the heart of the host country.Only Korean athletes have a unique taste for food in the winter Olympics village.In recent reports, we can also see many foreign athletes praise our food. For example, a female athlete from The Netherlands revealed that she likes our malatang so much that she rides a shared bike to enjoy it after eating it.Janice, a Maltese skier, ate half a bun from her pocket while waiting for her score. “I can eat six beans a day, she loves them,” she said.A Japanese netizen who could not stand watching the article left a comment under the article, saying that Korean taste is mixed with “jealousy” and “prejudice” and lacks objectivity.Us snowboarder Julia Marino told NBC News that her favorite food in the Olympic Village is dumplings: “I’ve probably eaten 200 dumplings since I’ve been here.As soon as I came back from the mountain, I started eating dumplings.Snowboarder Tessa Moder, also from the United States, shared the food in the village on social media and expressed her love for Chinese food.She is every day in the Olympic Village around the shop “eat broadcast”, especially like to eat dumplings one by one, kung pao chicken, onion pancakes and even jiangmi, have become the leading role of the camera.She eats almost the whole thing, patiently explaining the taste of each food to her fans and giving them a score.Jutta Riordan, a speed skater from the Netherlands, posted his Vlog of a Trip to the Village of the Winter Olympics on social media platforms, which received more than 200,000 likes.