Canal fresh smell | Yuen Square before the Spring Festival strong blowing lian taste family style

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Great Canal media (Li Yanchen) family tradition, send “cheap” taste, write Spring Festival couplets, send auspicious, guess riddles, send happiness, expand “fu” word, send luck, exhibition results, send hope…On January 26, the footsteps of the Year of the Tiger are also getting closer and closer. Ruan Yuan Square in the ancient city district of Yangzhou, the origin city of the Canal, attracted the residents with five activities: “‘ Clean ‘taste of family style, Elegance and praise” and “Welcome spring and Send Blessings, Joy and Reunion”.Zhao Zhihong, deputy secretary of yangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, made a special trip to unveil the gong.Ruan Yuan Qianlong fifty-four years (1789) in the jinshi, “three dynasties court old, nine provinces of Xinjiang minister” reputation.During his long career as an official, Ruan Yuan always insisted on academic research. He not only arranged and published a large number of cultural classics, but also wrote many works. He was highly accomplished in classics and history, mathematics, heaven calculation, geography, editing, stone and emendation.Ruan Yuan was diligent, honest and self-disciplined all his life, and had high prestige and achievements.RuanYuan family did not “in a motto” category complete text of the family precepts, but father RuanYuan RuanChengXin and RuanYuan I have many about in his godson of discipline and verse, constitutes the nguyen thi “family precepts culture”, such as “to read when Ming with a body, and drilling time art it is” “autumn lent ZhanJuan one light blue, ErBei must teach this” “man aspires to early birthday,Milk full Candy to lian “mu clan, cousin zun zu training, Respect for the old and preserve the wind” “eyes are red, head is the sky” and so on.These family teachings, with the core concepts of “filial piety, courage, pragmatism and integrity”, have standardized and educated the Ruan descendants from generation to generation and passed down to the present day.Vice chairman of Yangzhou Federation of Literary and art, chairman of the city calligraphy Association Zhu Honglin in his speech about ruan Yuan’s life achievements, lofty moral character and ruan Yuan culture in the family culture brought inspiration: for political leaders to uphold the patriotic feelings and clean government thought, there is cultural conscious cultural responsibility;To learn to develop in an all-round way, is a specialist, but also a generalist;People should be clean, honest and clean.Ruan yuan seven sun Ruan na, Yangzhou bureau of industry and information technology industry women’s federation chairman Yan Chuan wind, Jiangdu District Fan chuan town women’s federation chairman Sun faction told the story of their family tradition.Ruan na introduced his father Ruan Xi ‘an and uncle Grandpa Ruan Yisan’s inheritance of family style, but also about their own understanding of family style.She said that excellent family instructions are the precious spiritual wealth of future generations, and good family tradition is the guidance of future generations. As A descendant of Nguyen Yuan, it is an important responsibility to carry on the family tradition.Event, yangzhou speech association, vice President of yu yue recitation of the tang dynasty poet li shangyin “poems”, RuanYuan shown grandchildren and other cheap 2 first poem, speech association of yangzhou, yangzhou brunei river primary school education group (river small ginkgo chanting community of teachers and children brought wonderful “wanderer,” the analects “selected reading performance.Deng Qing, secretary General of WCCO, was invited to participate in this activity.Yangzhou Federation of Social Science, Yangzhou Federation of Literary and Art, Yangzhou Women’s Federation, Yangzhou Mingcheng Construction Co., LTD., Yangzhou Radio and TELEVISION Rong Media Life Channel, Guangling District Literary and Art Federation, Wenhe Street, Guangling District, Yangzhou Ruanyuan Cultural Research Institute, Yangzhou Ruanyuan Cultural Research Center and other units organized this activity.Xi-wen zhang, vice President of yangzhou SheKeLian, amin, vice President of All-China Women’s Federation of yangzhou, yangzhou straight district party committee standing committee propaganda minister ya-dong meng, yangzhou straight discipline inspection commission secretary fu 颕, straight federation vice-chairman of yangzhou river street agency working committee secretary of the early song dynasty, yangzhou Burma Zhong Lei, vice President of yangzhou straight publishing house huhu, yangzhou Cao Yongsen, chairman of the federation, Yale,Wei Minghua and Huang Jilin, yangzhou cultural scholars, Professor Guo Yuanlin, vice dean of the College of Arts of Yangzhou University, Zhu Xiaotao, former deputy director of the Yangzhou Institute of Local Culture and descendants of Zhu Ziqing, Sun Ruan Xi ‘an, head of the Yangzhou Ruan Yuan Cultural Research Center and the sixth ruan Yuan, attended the event.Some of nguyen’s descendants also held a simple and solemn sacrificial ceremony.(Grand Canal news hotline: 18611735190) intern editor Yan Chen read Guiyan Zhang Li produced Cao Yu xiao Dong review Hui Jun