A share inflection point has landed, the stock market opportunity?

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Retail investors fry should remember 2 sentences, the first sentence management positions, management risk.Others fear, you greed, others greed, you fear.A sentence about the stock market to remind themselves of the crisis, a sentence about the stock market control human desire.Yesterday’s total turnover of 794.2 billion less than Tuesday 162.6 billion, investment funds gradually weakened, but as one said, now to celebrate the main funds inadvertently reluctant to fight, less capital and retail investors fled, the main escape has nothing to do with, everyone had to think about the big year early, the turnover is less.In recent days has been falling most retail investors can not sit, I mentioned early, the fall is digging gold pit, retail investors did not change the bullish view of the main will hit non-stop, December said so far mocking to believe that many people, but in the short term, I do not take sides with everyone, I think the short term to rise.A share inflection point has landed yesterday the moment of reopening A share 2 news attack, news 1: the Federal Reserve in March interest rate rise is imminent!Professional people are talking about this news, the United States stock market is too crazy, completely led by the nose of interest rate hike news, but A more crazy, up no momentum, the United States stock diving stuffy moment, no doubt, most of the time A shares with the set.But the United States dividend empty landing, a share inflection point has landed, what meaning?Short – term fall end will come, this time I estimate that 80% retail losses, bold imagine, you look empty he looked empty, short – term fell almost, rebound after a few days to fall again.News 2: Central Europe fund and 100 billion fund managers from the purchase of its funds!Yesterday the fund circle swept the screen, The Central Europe fund issued a notice that the two funds from the purchase of 50 million yuan, the fund manager will also buy 2 million yuan from the two funds.Subsequently, hua ‘an fund also announced that the proposed investment is not less than 50 million from the purchase of its partial stock fund.Look not not small fund buys how to brush screen from oneself?Fund self-purchase shows confidence in Big A, but what?The lack of confidence at the moment, so that we have confidence in the news, more or less a period of time to come in the bottom of the funds, short-term rise for a few days is not too big a problem.Stock market opportunity?2 news to understand the person naturally understand, do not understand retail investors as long as they know that the empty to go up, the fund from buying total some people add capital investment, the turnover of the poor, in short, 1 sentence, the fall does not fall, rebound a bit is a bit, short – term direction changed, my point of view is such, short – term bullish and then look empty.The stock market opportunity to eat meat, eat noodles rely on ability, the short term from previous experience to predict, is certainly a structural market, this situation is also a big investment opportunity in 30% of the plate, 60% of the plate performance is flat, more should understand everyone’s fear, greed, but to rely on strength to grasp the opportunity.Therefore, I am no longer short term, at least a few days to go up and then short, risk appetite in the decline, blowout down time to stop, and then down the volume of turnover is not the main follow-up pull a little bit is a little bit to gather up the popularity of the fall, short-term organization of a wave of attack.The point of view is for reference only, please pay attention to and help to praise, we investment good luck!