0-1!0-2!The national football team was double killed, Dong Lu: Li Xiaopeng rushed forward, played Japan did not have the capital to use 4 defenders

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The world Preliminary round 12 ushered in a focus dialogue, The Japanese team sat in the Saitama Stadium against the National football team, finally, the National football team 0-2 lost to the opponent, basically bid farewell to the Qatar World Cup, at present, the team coached by Li Xiaopeng has completely lost the hope of fighting for the top two, can only compete for the third place.However, with five points, Korea is nine points behind Australia, 10 points behind Japan, and 11 points behind Saudi Arabia.This match against Japan, China national football team shot 2 times, the opponent is 16 times, a huge gap of 2-16, means that we are completely unable to arm the opponent!Before the match between China and Japan kicked off, The Australian men’s team had led Vietnam 2-0 at half-time, meaning that China was nine points behind Australia in the real-time standings.In view of the bad situation, Li Xiaopeng had to choose to fight against The Japanese team, eager to win on the opponent, therefore, the National football team did not adopt a five-back formation, but directly with a four-back formation to deal with the opponent.The goalkeeper is Yan Junling. In defence, zheng Zheng, Zhu Chenjie, Jiang Guangtai and Zhang Linpeng are playing respectively. Wang Shenchao, Wu Xi, Hao Junmin, Xu Xin and Wu Lei are playing in midfield, while Zhang Yuning is playing forward.The Japanese team is far superior to the National team. The last time the team lost to China was in 1998, so the Japanese team has been unbeaten for 24 years.In the World Cup preliminary match, China lost to Japan in the first leg, the score was 1-0.Japan took a 1-0 lead in the 11th minute when Junya ITO’s cross hit Wang’s arm and the referee awarded a penalty.In the process of losing the ball, Wang was obviously careless. After the penalty was awarded, he was very dissatisfied, but the referee did not change the decision.The game came to the 61st minute, The Japanese team comeback, but also caused by the side of the cross kill, Yitongchun also headed in front of the goal, Yan Junling did not save the ball, once again saw the ball into the net.The score came to 0-2, the situation is very unfavorable, in this regard, Dong Lu questioned Li Xiaopeng’s tactical choice, he thinks, facing the powerful Japanese team, The National football team does not have the capital to play a back four.In the 75th minute, Japan attacked in front and Hideasa Morita’s long shot was saved by Yan Junling.In the 82nd minute, Wei Shihao lopped a free kick into the penalty area. Wu Xi followed up with a long shot.Looking back at the match, the yellow-haired ITO was also a nightmare for the Chinese football team, creating penalties and scoring a goal with remarkable strength.Finally, The National football team lost the game, creating two shameful records, first, 24 years defeated The Japanese men’s football team, second, the National football team was double killed by the opponent, two legs score is 0-1 and 0-2!