“Why is it so hard to pay for a driver who hit my car?”

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Driving without drinking, drinking without driving, has become more and more people’s consensus.On behalf of the driving service is therefore more and more hot, but, on behalf of the driving driver in the process of the cause of the accident, who should bear the responsibility?Recently, fuzhou netizen zhu complained to the channel network, said on January 3 night, his BMW and a generation of drivers drive car scratches is damaged, to determine traffic generation driver who solely, generation of car company was said to be responsible for compensation, and he repaired the car, spent 8000 multivariate, but more than twenty days passed, and driving the company promised compensation is not in place.Mr. Zhu after many times of communication, the other party is only willing to compensate 6000 yuan, the rest of the car on behalf of the strong insurance to compensate!”It was around 10 p.m., and I was waiting for the traffic light at the intersection of Tantou Road when a car crossed from behind and scraped the right rear side of my car.After the accident, I immediately reported to the police, the traffic police scene determined that the other driver is fully responsible.Since the other driver is a surrogate driver, the owner of the other car contacted the surrogate driving company, the surrogate driving company said they would be responsible for compensation, let us deal with the scene can, there will be insurance company to contact the loss settlement.”Mr. Zhu said, after he sent the car to 4S shop repair, advance the repair cost of a total of 8000 yuan, the insurance company staff also came to issue a loss report.But when it came to the claim stage, the insurance company said it was unable to settle the claim because the agent driving company had not paid the premium since Last October.Mr Zhu is helpless, had to contact again acting driving company, after many times of communication, got the other party only compensation 6000 yuan, the rest of the car by acting driving strong insurance to compensate the reply.In this regard, Mr. Zhu is very puzzled, clearly the traffic police determine the responsibility of the accident all on behalf of the driver, why also by the car insurance to compensate for part of the car?Moreover, the agency driving company did not say so at the time of the accident, but only said that they would be responsible for compensation, so the owners of the two cars (Mr. Zhu and the agency driving car owner) did not call the insurance company to the scene, and now turned back to say that they could not fully compensate, Mr. Zhu suspected that the agency driving company was evading responsibility.According to the insurance loss report provided by Mr. Zhu, the driver of shanxi Heshi Technology Co., told reporters that he received the order on an APP called Heshi Dajia.Reporter also noticed that, zhu on the motor vehicle insurance fee report, insurance people by shanxi and optimum technology co., LTD., the query found online, shanxi and optimum technology co., LTD., is by the travel and fitness (Beijing) co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of holdings, and comfortable travel its focus on the business generation driving plate,Since July 2021, it has entered into strategic cooperation with Amap.The person in charge of the company is willing to pay 6,000 yuan to Mr. Zhu first, and then find the insurance company to solve the debt dispute. As for the remaining 2,000 yuan, Mr. Zhu should find the car owner’s compulsory insurance compensation. According to the phone provided by Mr. Zhu, the reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of the company.The official said the company does have some unresolved debt disputes with insurance companies, but that doesn’t affect Mr. Zhu’s compensation.”The insurance we bought is provided for the surrogate driver, and Mr. Zhu’s car belongs to a third party car, according to the terms of the insurance should first be paid by the surrogate driver, that is, the accident car’s compulsory insurance, and then the part of the surrogate driver company compensation, not all by the surrogate driver company compensation.Although the insurance procedure is stuck in the claim settlement stage, our company proposed that we would like to compensate Mr. Zhu 6,000 yuan first, and then seek the insurance company to solve the debt dispute. As for the remaining 2,000 yuan, Mr. Zhu should seek the compulsory insurance on behalf of the car owner to compensate.We have negotiated with both owners several times in recent days, but neither of them agreed, so the compensation issue has been delayed.”Is the compensation scheme proposed by the representative driving company legal?Chen lawyer driving owner himself and no fault, all the responsibility in the generation of driving driver, so the generation of driving owner can be in compensation to Mr. Zhu after the generation of driving company put forward recovery!The reporter consulted Chen Yonghan lawyer of Fujian synergetic law firm on this matter.Chen Yonghan said that the specific compensation procedures should be based on the insurance contract purchased by the surrogate driving company and the relevant provisions in the service contract between the surrogate driver and the surrogate driving company.Produce traffic accident generally speaking, ought to compensate by the car insurance of the car of cause an accident first, want to involve the compensation limits of make strong danger only, make strong danger to assume by the car of cause an accident is reasonable and legal, the partial loss that other involves commercial danger is the insurance that drives a company place to buy by acting to compensate.However, due to the strong insurance out of the insurance will affect the next year’s premium, and on behalf of the car owner himself without fault, all the responsibility in the driver, so on behalf of the car owner can be in the compensation to Mr. Zhu and then on behalf of the driving company put forward recovery, in order to solve the problem of responsibility of both sides.Straits net reporter Li Muchen editor: Luo Yanling