Why do many people stop eating oyster sauce? Does heating oyster sauce really cause cancer?

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There are three treasures in the kitchen, soy sauce, oyster sauce and chicken essence.These three seasonings are all created to make ordinary dishes have extraordinary umami flavor, and many families cannot do without these three seasonings.But I do not know from when, there is a rumor spread “do not eat oyster sauce, heating will cause cancer”.This is as pseudoscience as the claim that MSG causes cancer.However, there are a lot of people who can’t stand it.The doctor told us, “Oyster sauce will not cause cancer,” but for the four groups of people, or eat less for the best.How is oyster sauce made?We must have seen the oyster, also have eaten it!It is a delicious seafood, in the past without artificial farming, offshore farming, it is a rare delicacy on the table.In foreign countries, oysters are also known as oysters, which can only be seen in the deep sea. After being salvaged, they can be eaten directly by opening their shells, but now the oysters raised offshore are not.The birth of oil consumption is also interesting.In the 1880s, The father of oyster sauce, Lee Kam Sang, forgot to turn off the heat when he was cooking oysters, and a pot of good oysters gradually disintegrated and disappeared in the heat of boiling.By the time Ms. Li remembered there was oyster sauce in the wok and turned it off, the oysters had disappeared, leaving only some thick, dark juice.Li Jinshang tasted the oyster sauce and found that it was very delicious!So he started a brand and started peddling oyster sauce.About 100 jin of oyster meat can only be boiled into 6 jin of oyster sauce, so in the age of underdeveloped science and technology, oyster sauce is a very precious seasoning.Scientists have extracted the concentrated juice of oil consumption and found that there are more than 18 kinds of beneficial substances in oyster sauce, mainly zinc ions and amino acids, but also rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients required by the human body every day.Therefore, oyster sauce is actually a pure natural nutrition and tonic.But the oyster sauce is not what it used to be.In order to reduce the cost, the oyster sauce does not boil the oyster at all. Instead, the oyster is picked up after boiling water, and then all kinds of oyster juice, seasonings and preservatives are added to the water. Finally, a bottle of “oyster sauce” is obtained, but there is no trace of “oyster”.In fact, this is also for comprehensive consideration.The shelf life of raw oyster sauce is very short, because it contains too many nutrients, which is very easy to cause corruption and breeding of microorganisms. Even because the oyster sauce contains a large number of amino acids and proteins, there will be the problem of oyster sauce caking, so it is very necessary to add modern additives.Therefore, we should not be full of resistance to the current oyster sauce.The development of scientific and technological productive forces must be reflected in the basic necessities of life, food, clothing, housing and transportation. Otherwise, what is the use of such technologies?Why do a lot of people stop eating oyster sauce, oyster sauce really causes cancer?So why don’t people eat oyster sauce?One of the most popular claims circulating on the Internet is that oyster sauce contains a substance called monosodium glutamate. When it is heated to more than 120℃, it will be converted into pyromonosodium glutamate, which is currently being studied by scientists and may be carcinogenic.Before this, there are also many people criticized MSG contains monosodium glutamate, when heated will also produce the carcinogen pyromonosodium glutamate, which leads to many people full of fear of MSG.In fact, there are no scientific studies proving that pyroglutamate is carcinogenic.And there is no danger of releasing carcinogens when heated, but oyster sauce does not withstand high temperatures, because glutamate will lose its delicious taste when heated above 120℃.So, it is nonsense that oyster sauce causes cancer, it is an excellent seasoning.But the doctor told you that not all people are suitable for oyster sauce, the following four groups of people had better touch oyster sauce less.Note: These four kinds of people are not suitable for eating oyster sauce 1, patients with gout and high uric acid no matter how much the oyster sauce is cut back, it still contains a lot of oyster additives, and oyster belongs to seafood, so it contains higher purine substance than ordinary food.People with gout and high uric acid are highly likely to develop symptoms if they eat oyster sauce.2. It is not tasteless that people with hypertension should not eat oyster sauce. The taste of oyster sauce is salty and umami, and a lot of salt is added in it.Hypertension patients not only can not eat oyster sauce, but also less soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and other salty things.3, people who are allergic to seafood can not eat oyster sauce or oysters can not get rid of the relationship, oyster belongs to seafood, so if you are allergic to seafood, do not eat oyster sauce, it may become your allergen.4, people with cold deficiency should not eat oyster itself is a cold food, if you already have the problem of cold deficiency, then the intake of oyster sauce may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea symptoms.Therefore, people with asthenia and cold can not eat oyster sauce. If you are a patient with asthenia and heat, you can eat oyster sauce appropriately to adjust the body.Doctors understand that people want to prevent cancer, so they summarize their years of clinical experience and share with you some common foods that, when overheated, may actually release carcinogens.1, starchy staple scientific research found that contains a lot of starch of staple foods, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, starch gelatinization occurs when heated to 60 degrees Celsius, when heated over 120 degrees Celsius, can produce acrylamide, this is a kind of secondary carcinogen, so everyone in daily life as much as possible, avoid using high temperature cooking staple foods.2, protein high food protein is an important element for human daily needs, but it is not very stable, a little heating may lead to degeneration, and its degeneration will produce carcinogens.Like protein-rich meat, fish will be in high temperature, break down the protein to produce heterocyclic amines carcinogens, interested can check for yourself.3, spinach spinach contains more nitrate, nitrate will be converted to nitrite at high temperature, this kind of substance has a certain carcinogenicity, we should be careful, as far as possible not to cook spinach at high temperature for a long time.Conclusion: To sum up, although oyster sauce is not as honest as before, it is really slanderous to say that it causes cancer.If oyster sauce was carcinogenic, it wouldn’t be in the supermarket.So people can trust oyster sauce, but some people who have a taboo against oyster sauce should not be free to eat oyster sauce.