Liaoning CDC suggested that students from other provinces return to Liaoning with negative nucleic acid proof for 48 hours

2022-06-06 0 By

In the period of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the situation in China is still serious. Recently, there are still new COVID-19 cases in Our province. Please be highly vigilant and take strict precautions when going out.Remember the “three pieces of prevention” — wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and paying attention to personal hygiene;Adhere to the “five things” — masks should be worn, social distancing should be maintained, coughing and sneezing should be covered, hands should be washed frequently, Windows should be opened as much as possible.2, strengthen prevention, active reporting.People from Liaoning who have recently traveled to and lived in medium-high risk areas or have traveled to and lived in local epidemic areas should report to their communities (villages), work units or hotels, and actively cooperate with and implement relevant epidemic prevention policies under their jurisdiction.3, reduce clustering, active monitoring.People who are monitoring their health at home should not participate in gathering activities and should conduct health monitoring as required. If you have any symptoms, please take good personal protection and seek medical treatment in time. Do not take transportation on the way to seek medical treatment.4. During the peak period of returning to school in spring, students from other provinces are advised to return to Liao with negative nucleic acid certificate for 48 hours. Please take personal protection on the way.5, pay attention to the epidemic news, healthy travel.Please pay close attention to the latest development of the epidemic nationwide, understand the prevention and control policies of your destination, be prepared for the epidemic prevention requirements, and travel in a healthy manner.6. Actively vaccinate against COVID-19.Eligible citizens are advised to complete the full course of vaccination as soon as possible.Those who have completed vaccination for more than 6 months should receive booster shots in time.Source: Liaoning Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention