Good news!Suining passed the national intellectual property pilot city examination and acceptance

2022-06-06 0 By

In the afternoon of March 24th, suining passed the examination and acceptance of national intellectual property pilot city at the site acceptance meeting of Suining.Entrusted by the State Intellectual Property Office, the assessment and acceptance team composed of experts from Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration (INTELLECTUAL Property Office) and Provincial Intellectual Property Service Promotion Center has conducted questions and answers, reviewed materials, evaluated indicators, and scored by experts.To suining intellectual property administrative system and mechanism, capacity construction, intellectual property culture and talent construction, enterprise intellectual property awareness and capacity construction, work innovation and other comprehensive and meticulous evaluation and acceptance.It is reported that suining has been innovating working mechanism, building service platform, strengthening intellectual property protection and cultivating intellectual property culture since it became the national pilot city of intellectual property in 2017. By the end of last year, the city had accumulated 8,251 effective authorized patents (including 784 effective invention patents).There were 22,826 valid registered trademarks (including 10 well-known trademarks), 23 geographical indications, 18,868 Copyrights registered, and 15 intangible cultural heritage items at provincial level or above.The revenue of the high-tech industry doubled to 52 billion yuan, and the registered value of enterprise technology contracts reached 524 million yuan.5,329 patents were implemented, and the output value of patented technology reached 50 billion yuan;Provincial and municipal patent industrialization projects have increased the cumulative output value of 51.9 billion yuan, increased profits and taxes of more than 2 billion yuan;It has won 9 Chinese Patent Excellence Awards and 8 Sichuan Patent Awards.Suining Media Group reports