Domestic ADV motorbike also has hard strength, lipan KPT400, water-cooled double cylinder standard with three boxes

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Under the impact of the epidemic, we will soon finish the second year, time has come to the end of the year.Under the epidemic, people’s life, travel and even all aspects of society have been affected, but the development of all walks of life has not stopped.Lifan motorcycle as a well-known domestic brand from the city, also launched a number of cars.Among them this multi-purpose city ADV motorcycle KPT400 is quite concerned by car friends, today we will talk about this car.As a bike that leans towards the ADV type, the KPT400 is not quite what we usually think of as the ADV.If there are city SUVs and hard-style SUVs in car SUV types, lifan KPT400 belongs to the city in motorcycle field in my opinion.Its power is not weak, electric control configuration is rich, riding posture stretch, with a certain cost of pavement through the ability, and good endurance.Although the development of domestic motorcycles in recent years in the technical level of rapid progress, but for their appearance design is still more than ridicule, for no other reason, is that the design did not keep up with the pace of technological progress.KPT400 has broken this stereotype, the whole vehicle uses the RARE flat head design in ADV model, but the car owners do not have to worry about reverse flow, because its design meets the aerodynamic requirements;The huge space between the front and front fender resembles a catfish with its mouth wide open, and the headlamp composed of three light beads is quite a science fiction wind.Face gives people the feeling of han with a trace of clever;And this kind of design idea for the whole vehicle, lifan defines it as the New Wave design trend.As a motorcycle with a displacement between medium displacement and entry displacement (less than 300cc is usually regarded as entry displacement motorcycle), Lifan is very careful about the power change of the KPT400, using the new DRF400 water-cooled twin-cylinder engine;One of the highlights of the car is power, which is enhanced in several ways.This includes: highlighting low and medium torque performance and acceleration by improving combustion adequacy;Improve clutch structure, strengthen output smoothness and reduce noise;Change crankshaft structure, improve heat dissipation and reduce wear;Adopt double shift fork shaft speed shifting mechanism to improve shift experience;Engine built-in balance structure, so that the vehicle is more stable;The service life of engine can be extended by piston spray cooling zone device.Finally, through the power optimization and upgrading of this combination, it can output 31.5 horsepower power at 9500 RPM and 7000 RPM /35NM torque. For a car with 400cc displacement, this data belongs to the level configuration of the same level, middle level and upper level. The standard is equipped with adjustable windshields, and there are two small windshields on both sides due to the wide body.Hand guard, engine guard, bumper, travel three boxes are available;In terms of shock absorption, it adopts the collocation of adjustable front inversion and adjustable central shock absorption. The overall adjustment takes into account the urban road surface and local road sections;Braking is front two-disc four-piston calipers, rear two-piston calipers configuration;160mm ground clearance for a city ADV motorcycle to meet the use needs;Although the configuration of vacuum tire is common, but the configuration of rear independent fender is rare, which also shows lifan’s attention to details.The 18.5-liter tank gives you an effective range of 450km+, so at least you don’t have to worry about missing the next gas station when you’re riding across the vast west.In terms of electronic control, it is worth mentioning that the keyless module, especially the one-button start, has reached car-level specifications, and is equipped with electronic faucet locks and Lifan’s own scooter Guard 3.0, which is a blessing for those who worry about their vehicles being stolen easily.LCD liquid crystal instrument display content is rich, including tire pressure monitoring, battery voltage, ABS monitoring and so on;And support mobile phone screen, convenient long-distance cycling navigation directly in the LCD instrument display.For such a domestic city with both appearance level and connotation ADV, even in the fierce competition in the 400CC interval, also has a very strong competitiveness, combined with the word of mouth in THE KPT model, this car is worth looking forward to.What do you think of this?Welcome to comment and share!Author: DQ