“Digital empowerment of the three cities linkage” fuling Bishan Mianyang 11 enterprises into Fuling Zha CAI

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On February 16th, 11 manufacturing and service enterprises from Fuling, Bishan and Mianyang entered the factory of Fuling Zhacai Group park, visited the digital production workshop of Fuling Zhacai Group and discussed the road of digital transformation together.Chongqing Fuling Zhacai Group Co., LTD., as a comprehensive top ten industrial enterprises in Fuling District of Chongqing, its “Wujiang Zhacai” has won the honor of China famous trademark, Chongqing time-honored brand and ten popular brands affecting Chongqing. It has represented Chinese cuisine to go abroad and enter the world for many times.By virtue of digital transformation, Chongqing Fuling Zhacai Group has realized the integration of parent and subsidiary companies, truly achieved basic data sharing and financial data transparency, and improved the efficiency of internal accounting, statistics and account checking by 60%.At the same time, the group can easily master the real-time data of all organizations in the information system, and can classify, summarize and query according to different dimensions according to needs. Data exchange and efficient matching facilitate the group to conduct data analysis, improve the decision-making quality of managers, and better control the quality of products.During the visit, enterprises from the three places, including Chunyang Sealing, Touchou e-commerce, aiwang Technology, visited fuling Zhacai historical and cultural Exhibition hall to understand the historical origin and growth story of Fuling Zhacai.In the digital production workshop of the park, the visiting enterprises learned that through the digital production mode, the workers in the park decreased from 200 to more than 20 people, which effectively improved the modern production technology and realized the standardized production of Fuling Mustard.At present, the brand value of fuling Zhacai has reached 14.732 billion yuan.It is understood that the visit to Fuling Mustard enterprises is initiated by The Black Horse Fuling digital enabling industry laboratory, aiming to promote enterprise exchanges by the activity, get through the upstream and downstream channels between enterprises, realize the acceleration of the industry, and help enterprises in the three places to grow rapidly.In cooperation with Fuling Hi-tech Zone this year, The venture Dark Horse (West) digital Economy Innovation Center project is settled in the venture Dark Horse (west) Digital Economy Innovation Center project. It is committed to creating the innovation center of western science and technology innovation and expanding the new economic momentum and the demonstration base of gradient cultivation of chongqing science and technology enterprises by introducing innovative industry subjects and enabling the upgrading of traditional industries.The recruitment of Black Horse Fuling Digital Enabling Industry Laboratory sponsored by it is in full swing in Fuling. By cooperating with domestic well-known industrial investment institutions, unicorn enterprises and industry pioneer representatives, it helps small and medium-sized enterprises realize digital transformation and upgrading, and ultimately accelerates the industrial upgrading of Fuling.Attachment: Introduction and selection method of opening of Black Horse Fuling Digital Enabling Industry Laboratory