A thousand peach blossom garden without a single peach blossom, aerial view of the original so beautiful

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As the largest comprehensive ecological park in the northeast of Hangzhou, “Thousand Peach Garden” is adjacent to Gating Mountain in the north and Shangtang River in the south, nestled against green mountains and green waters, just like a quiet and beautiful “paradise”, integrating “mountains, water, city and forest” into one.Different from the rest and elegance of the West Lake, it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with more subtle rural interests.I have only been here once or twice before when the peach blossoms are in full bloom, but even in winter, you can still see the scenery of “Bridges, rivers and trees” everywhere. From the perspective of aerial photography, the picture is really amazing.Construction of the garden began in 2010 and opened in 2012, covering an area of more than 300 mu.”As the name suggests, there are more than 30 varieties of peach trees in the park (some say more than 60 varieties, because both figures are used in the official report, so it is impossible to verify which number is the most accurate), with more than 7,000 peach trees, making it the park with the largest variety and number of peach trees in jiangnan.Therefore, spring is the best time to visit here.”Peach Yao yao, burning its China” is the ancient “Book of Songs” in the “Zhou Nan tao Yao” beautiful lines, but it is gao Ting Mountain thousands of peach garden spectacular description.According to legend, dong Shuangcheng, the peach fairy of the Queen Mother of the West, was a beautiful girl on the banks of the Qiantang River in the Western Zhou Dynasty. Her ancestor was a historian of the Shang Dynasty. After the death of The Shang dynasty, she fled to the south and settled in the peach forest under the mountain of Gaoting.When the peach blossom in full bloom, purples, a wonderland, edify the Dong Shuangcheng brilliant aura, and ate the peach peach refined into Dan pills, then ascended to heaven for flat peach fairy, here also has “peach land” said.Song Gaozong’s “Peach Blossom Yin” once said: “Gao Ting mountain old taoyuan, Liu Ruan forget to return to me also ran.On the chariot there are fine spring grasses, and on the chariot there are beautiful flowers.”Once every year, the peach blossom in Gaoting under the mountain was so beautiful that “Watching peach in Gaoting” became a matter of elegance and pleasure for Hangzhou people.As more and more people get used to the beauty of the landscape and scenery in hangzhou’s major scenic spots, it has become their “habit” to appreciate the peach blossom here during the flowering season every year.The scenic area subdivides the whole thousand peach Garden into “Taoyuan water town”, “ancient port village rhyme” and “pastoral health” three functional blocks, when we walk under the tree, feel around the “babbling streams, birds singing and fragrance of flowers”, where will remember the city trivial life brought chaos.Like most scenic spots in Hangzhou, it is free and open all year round.Of course, you have to pay extra if you want to take the sightseeing electric car.Qiantaoyuan’s geographical location is relatively partial, from the city to the public transport is a little cumbersome, the most convenient is to take 335 road, 359 road, 535 road to qiantaoyuan station is.My personal advice is not to navigate to the parking lot of the tourist center of Gaoting Mountain scenic spot, no matter whether you drive by yourself or take a taxi. It seems to be a little far.