There are more than 700 grottoes and tens of thousands of square meters of murals here, which is called The Sacred Sand Mountain

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Welcome to my little world of travel, all over the mountains and rivers, all over the sea of yellow sand, just to share the beauty of this world with you. If you also like to travel, then follow my footsteps and set out with the camera!Many people know that the dunhuang, but also has a lot of people don’t understand in dunhuang, if you really want to say what is in dunhuang, may also have a lot of people don’t know how to answer, but in dunhuang has always been a lot of people yearning place, and become a lot of tourists can choose place to visit, because here have the precipitation of art, also have religious beliefs.There are more than seven hundred grottoes, tens of thousands of square meters of murals, there are a lot of books and literature, can say that here was a witness to the history, came to dunhuang, of course, take a look at first to the mogao grottoes, also known as known as here, because in the MoGao Town life, also belong to one of the biggest buddhist grottoes in China, the distribution in the cliff wall, whole is one thousand six hundred meters,There are more than 400 grottoes in existence, so you can still see a variety of grottoes, including all kinds of murals, and there are some colorful sculptures here, which can also be appreciated.Seen the mogao grottoes, it is can go to China to have a look, here is also known as god wanted, named because of the sand hole a voice, so if visit here, visitors can also listen to, look at the can hear the sound of the sand movement, the singing is quicksand gathered all together, the highest elevation of one thousand seven hundred meters,Can be said to belong to dunhuang one of the scenery.In the vicinity of the Ringing Sand Mountain, you can also see the Crescent Spring, surrounded by the ringing sand Mountain, about 150 meters long, because the whole water like a crescent moon, so it got the name.Under the singing sand Mountain, the scenic area of wolfberry, and cloth and other medicinal materials are also more, the whole Moon Spring, the deepest place is about five meters, known as the first spring in the desert, so here, also need to take a look here.Yadan landform, also is a landscape belongs to the west of dunhuang, because mound is tall, most of them in 10 m to 20 m or so, it is said that the silk road is through here, the position is outside yumenguan, come here, you will find here the mound is also have different shapes, can say very strange, is also a national geological park, so in this case,Visitors can still enjoy nature’s masterpieces.In dunhuang, dunhuang city, yumenguan, etc., are all can go and have a look, and dunhuang still has a lot of special local product shops, also belong to the tourists can go to taste, because dunhuang is called state, so there is also a melon and fruit of the township, there are handmade carpets, and painted sculpture, crafts calligraphy and painting, and so on, these are the local famous dunhuang,It’s also worth it for tourists to buy some to take home.Would you like a place like this?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.If you like traveling, be sure to follow me!To travel, follow me not lost!I am your good friend on the road!