The SECOND World War was a “mistake” by the US army, which lost 300 people in half a month, only to find that the enemy was only 3 dogs

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By 1943, the Americans were already on the offensive in the Pacific.Successive victories of the American army, not only began to recover the lost territory, but also actively tried to carry out a big counter-offensive on all fronts.This included the battle to recover kiska island from Japanese occupation.However, no one expected that the landing operation actually made the arrogant American navy out of the ocean.Because when the U.S. Navy set foot on this island but was surprised to find that the Original idea of fierce resistance on the island of the Japanese did not exist, they were bombarded for half a month on kiska island only three local dogs.What’s going on here?In December 1941, The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor opened the Pacific theater.But the speed of the ADJUSTMENT of the US army is not fast, after half a year in the Battle of Midway, a complete victory, reversed the adverse situation of the war.However, the Japanese did not lose the Battle of Midway for nothing.They took advantage of the chaos to attack kiska and Attu islands in the Aleutian Islands.The Aleutian Islands are a subsidiary of the U.S. state of Alaska.With its high altitude, harsh cold weather and year-round fog, it’s a hell of a place to shit (because if there’s fog, you can’t find it).After digging around the place for a long time, the US army did not dig up such good things as oil and gas, so they simply did not bother to pay attention to it. They built two observation stations and planted a national flag to declare their sovereignty.During the Battle of Midway, the Japanese planned to feint at these two places to attract the main American forces.But the United States had already deciphered the Japanese telegram, so for these two islands a soldier is too lazy to invest, the whole army is pulled to Midway island fat beat the Main Japanese army.In this way, the Japanese easily landed on the island and planted the flag.However, kiska and Atu islands are always uninhabited and lack of food and clothing. They are not suitable places for modern people to live.But the Island of the Japanese army has a full six or seven thousand people, a time can be said to be overcrowded.But at least it was the first American territory captured by Japanese forces since the war, which was very memorable.In order to keep this “hard-won” war results, the Japanese simply put this barren land as feng shui treasure ground to operate, insist on crossing the vast ocean to the soldiers on the island to raise, but also on the island to build airports, build fortresses, big fortifications, the whole nose has eyes.The Americans knew they were losing two small islands, but they didn’t care and were happy to waste Japanese food in a place of no strategic value.By 1943, as the American counteroffensive in the Pacific entered its phase, the Americans remembered that the Japanese still had such “overseas loyalists” in the Aleutian Islands and decided to take them.In May rear Admiral Kennan Kim, with a massive fleet of more than 100 ships and b-24 fighters, 35,000 men, set out to recover the lost territory.But have to say that the Japanese or quite conscious, know their own town guard is the “empire” so far “the biggest results”, unexpectedly did not retreat.In response, the U.S. forces plan to attack Atto Island, which has only 2,900 soldiers.As a result, Kim’s first landing and capture of the island hit a big snag.In the face of several times the number of their own, and well-equipped weapons of the United States, Atu Island of the Japanese army is very hard, vowed not to surrender, resistance is very determined, desperate still charge.In the end, 2,800 of the island’s 2,900 defenders were killed on the spot, and more than 100 were uncircumcised and captured.The Americans suffered nearly 1, 700 casualties and 2, 100 were incapacitated, leaving Mr Kim terrified.Even a small three thousand garrison of Atu Island is so laborious, Kinkenan thought of six thousand garrison of Kiska island, can not help but feel a headache.After all, he is a major general, under the number of soldiers, it is not able to withstand such a death.Kinkenan ordered kiska to be surrounded. He planned to cut off food and water, then wash kiska with artillery, and finally go ashore to harvest corn.However, atu island Japanese offensive not only frightened Kim Kennan, but also the local Japanese government scared enough, after all, the Japanese army at this time has been under the sun.The Red sun of the United States, the death of 3000 people, but also this major distressed.Given Japan’s meagre forces at the time, another 3,000 would have been an unacceptable loss.So the Japanese headquarters decided that the lives of the 6,000 soldiers on Kiska should not be sacrificed to the Emperor, but should be withdrawn and put to better use.As a result, the Japanese headquarters immediately organized a rescue operation.But the Americans have already encircled kiska island like a barrel.Japan, which had planned to use submarines to rescue people, successfully evacuated 800 patients in the first attempt.As a result, the second time to be squatted on the American army has long cut off, on the spot was dry sink three submarines.After the battle, Kennan said: Kiska island is hopeless, the Japanese can not even escape a dog!The Japanese were out of their depth and could not get through the water, let alone the ships on the water.At this point, however, the high altitude fog of Kiska came to their aid.In July 1943, the Japanese detected heavy fog on Kiska Island.Now or never, base camp immediately organized the third naval mine team to kiska Island to carry out the rescue, and the commander is an experienced destroyer captain, Rear Admiral Masofuku Kimura.To say this kimura Changfuku, although his official position is not big, also did not make what outstanding service, but its name in the Japanese army is known by everyone.It was because of his rare ability to save lives in the Navy, and his incredible luck.Masofuku Kimura, as his name suggests, is indeed a man of good fortune.He first came to fame after the great Kanto earthquake in 1923.Japan at that time was full of ruins and cries.And Kimura Changfu as the navy in kanto at that time a fleet of small captain, leng is driving this small warship in the Tokyo Bay stormy sea through, under the heavy danger of rescue people and dignitaries, has been the attention of the officers, began to prosper.Kimura Changfu Major General Midway island naval battle, the Japanese army has been hit helmet-covered, embarrassed, and Kimura Changfu still command his ship, under the attack of the US naval guns and bombers, in the sea around search and rescue of the fallen naval soldiers, it can be said that ten thousand guns from the middle, the piece of ammunition does not stick to the body.After the Battle of Midway island, the Japanese in the Bismarck sea and eat a defeat, is the service, Kimura Changfuku under the first mine brigade almost completely destroyed, and Kimura Changfuku himself also received the American machine gun, as a result, he was lucky, the shuttle bullets leng is not hit the key, let him live.Since then, Kimura Masafuku in the military headquarters known as the general of fortune, we have called him “strong luck”.The base camp to let him go to the rescue, is to take a fancy to his rich ability to save people, and full of good luck, after all, this can be described as a narrow escape from death.Kimura’s fleet officially set out on July 7 to prepare for what the Japanese weather forecast would be heavy fog on July 10, and they would use this opportunity to withdraw the Japanese forces from Kiska island.Along the way in order not to be captured by the American radio message, Kimura Masaofu asked all the fleet must be radio silence, communication by Shouting.Because the Japanese army march in the thick fog, so often some ships fall behind, but because the army is not allowed to talk on the radio can not ask the way, only against the dense fog by the compass toward the direction of the target alone forward, the results because of the head chasing, the final ding bang bang on the front of the ship.But Kimura was halfway through the march when he noticed that the fog had lifted prematurely.That blew Up Masafuku Kimura’s mentality.The fog dissipated, their rescue plan is naturally impossible to talk about, but there is no turning back, can not just go back empty-handed.So, Kimura Masaofu’s fleet on the spot to stop hard, bitter hope for god to do good.Then, five days later, the fog returned to Kiska.However, Kimura Changfu did not know that the whereabouts of their fleet had been detected by the US reconnaissance plane in the sky.The Americans were immediately armed with guns when they heard the news.But now the sea fog let them make a worry, after all, visibility is so low, it is the Japanese stealth opportunities.But now the U.S. military has no choice but to step up its efforts, using radar to conduct a high-intensity search all day long and get ready for combat.It stands to reason that Masafuku Kimura’s move is likely to be less auspicious.And then what happened next got weird.On July 27, American radar suddenly picked up an unknown radar echo in a certain direction.Later, other U.S. ships picked up the echoes of unknown origin.Overjoyed, the Americans decided that it was the Main Japanese force, so they bombarded it in that direction, knocking out all the shells.The Americans then headed in that direction, looking for booty, only to find nothing.But the American army is also heart big, think this is necessarily to blow up all the Japanese fleet into the sea to feed fish, the rest is also bound to be dead escape, catch their heads scurried.So, the United States to the superior dozen report, said he had ended the battle, annihilated countless enemy.But to this day, we still don’t know where the echoes came from.And the US military was so smug that it used plain code in its report.The telegram was, of course, intercepted by the Japanese.While Kimura was a little confused by the telegram, he had decided that with such a big cannon, the U.S. Navy would return to its base to resupply and the siege of Kiska would weaken.The window is upon us!As expected, the “sea battle” on the 27th basically ran out of fuel and shells, and Kim Ken-nan decided to return to rest.Kimura seized the opportunity to land on Kiska island on The 28th as fast as a 100-meter dash. He told 6,000 soldiers on the island to abandon their guns, ammunition and supplies and immediately get on the ship and leave.After 55 minutes of drumming and gongs, all the Japanese troops on Kiska island boarded Japanese warships and laid a large number of mines in the surrounding waters.On August 1, the Japanese returned to the naval home port on Parthenhir Island and made a triumphant escape.On July 30, well fed and full of oil, Kim Kennan returned.It was still some days before the general attack on August 15, and the sky had cleared.Kim Keinan pinched a calculation, feel that today is to “the Island of the Japanese army” make bloody disaster auspicious day.So General King gave the order, and from August 1st American artillery shells rained down on the deserted Island of Kiska.The heavy bombardment lasted for two weeks.On August 15, the Americans began landing operations in earnest.As a result, the Ships of the United States army did not come ashore, was already laid by the Japanese mines fried dazed, American soldiers have denounced the Japanese army as ferocious cunning, stubborn, was bombed into such a stubborn resistance.After much hard work, the Americans finally cut a passage through the sea. As soon as they landed, the American soldiers felt something was wrong.Kiska is supposed to have been bombed for 15 days. Even the rats would have died twice.However, now kiska island although also bombed, but the United States all the way, unexpectedly did not see the Whereabouts of the Japanese.This situation, let the American soldiers could not help but think of the original in Atu Island, suddenly in the flat by the Japanese troops in all directions surrounded, and then face the tide of painful memories of the charge, instant we can not help holding the hands of the steel gun, began to be suspicious.On the first day of landing, 24 American soldiers were killed by friendly fire from fearful americans.Kiska island is littered with landmines and booby traps laid by the Japanese, and every so often one can hear his hapless companions shriek and get blown up.This also let the United States army could not help but tremble, while paying attention to the Japanese side may hide the environment, while paying attention to the foot of the thunder, we have denounced the Japanese really cunning, must be vigilant.The most immoral is that the Japanese army also built a small broken house on the island, which was written “plague patient isolation”.Kiska island is already a harsh climate, so that the United States soldiers who do not adapt to the outbreak of illness, and now this incident, the United States soldiers were immediately terrified, have asked the military doctors to quarantine themselves, observation, vaccination, this again caused a lot of confusion.On August 18, the USS Reed, a DESTROYER on patrol in the surrounding waters, hit a mine left by The Japanese and sank, killing 71 people, the biggest loss of this landing operation.Soon after, the U.S. military officially confirmed that there was virtually no life on the island except for three local dogs.When he was forced to make this report, did Major-General Kim Remember the afternoon when he said that “no dog could get out of Kiska”?The kiska landing ended in an overly bizarre, almost comical atmosphere.Later generations dubbed it “the biggest landing operation exercise”.The americans lost 300 men to landmines, disease and friendly fire in exchange for just three prisoners.The Japanese army also boasted about the evacuation, calling it “Operation Miracle” and making a film of it in 1965.Masafuku Kimura, who commanded the mission, continued his luck, escaping trial and surviving the war.He went into the salt business under an assumed name and never mentioned his military career.It wasn’t until his son saw the 1965 film that he was surprised to discover that his ordinary, silent father had had such an amazing experience.