Some experience, must gain, but gain at the same time, must be accompanied by some loss

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Almost every outstanding figures have a painful past, have the initiative and passive, but is more of a careless and helpless, these people are very confused, very confused also, therefore, they need to know the truth of the “past”, to comfort himself has been unable to the stillness of the mind, seems to be that is a kind of fate, only to find the truth can complete the dream.The plot of the famous American science fiction writer Martha Wells’ series of science fiction “Artificial Conditions” follows the last one.”I”, known as “killer robot”, left the station alone for a certain purpose and quietly came to a sailing port after being bought out of ownership by Doctor Mansa. “I” seems to have a special purpose that must be completed.Why am I called a killer robot?That’s because, some 35,000 hours ago, I went on a rampage in the line of duty, killing dozens of humans in an accident that killed 57 people, but I have no recollection of it.Want to know what happened at the Ganaka mine in Ravi Hailo?Was it an accident or a hack?Did it happen after the invasion or did I go crazy before the invasion?And the big question is whether this tragedy is real or not?This is a novel about a robot searching for truth and self. It is more like a lone hero who sets out on a long journey to find the truth.The author’s idea is really whimsical. Like many stories with human characters, the author arranges for “me” a very special but powerful assistant, that is, a transport ship “Art” which looks very ordinary, but is actually powerful and human.New adventure, there is bound to be a new partner, along with a variety of events, robot thinking and thinking has undergone earth-shaking changes.Experience, must gain, but gain, must be accompanied by some loss, this is the truth.But is the truth always the truth?What kind of planning is hidden behind these facts?This doesn’t seem to be a quick fix, and in the meantime, there are other things going on.The way forward, always not plain sailing, for this point, or early psychological preparation.Through the perspective of robots, the author continues to explore those stories in the science fiction world. Whenever there are events related to human beings, there are always conspiracies and unreasonable kinds.The point is, AI (artificial intelligence, robot technology in the human, more and more of the work and in life, play the role of more and more heavy, conflicts and relationship between man and machine, the author made fun of similar problem, science fiction story in a fun way, have to say it’s a meaningful grope for direction.