No.407 Growth support system

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Man’s life is a process of challenging himself and growing continuously.Support systems can play an important role in keeping you mentally company, providing resources and help, and encouraging each other.In your support system, your family and friends play the role of spiritual companionship and encouragement. They may not be able to directly help you in your growth, but spiritual companionship can also give you a lot of strength.There is a QR code of the video number on the poster, which is identified as drainage by the background of the video number, so the live stream is limited, which means that the platform will not do any promotion or give traffic, and only my friends can see my live stream status.I haven’t broadcast live for a long time, but I suddenly received such a notice, and I didn’t know how to deal with it, so I had to stick to it. Therefore, only more than 170 people have viewed it in 2 hours, which is much less than the previous data.However, I did not have any big psychological fluctuations, because I kept seeing new and old friends online and all my family members online respectively. I felt very warm during the live broadcast and felt their support and encouragement.My colleagues from the original company came online at 21:45 in the evening and said they would come up to say hello when they saw me on the live broadcast, which really touched me.Some old classmates and new friends stayed online for 2 hours and kept sending me little red hearts and thumbs up. At that moment, I thought I would finish the live broadcast seriously no matter how many people were online.The support system provides you with resources and assistance and there are people in the support system who can provide the most direct support for your growth and development.They either have a lot of overlap with your work, or they have a lot of connections or material resources to offer.Tonight in the live broadcast, I was suddenly informed that the streaming was restricted and the original poster could not be used. I also didn’t know what to do.My work partner was the first to come out and say that she was helping her out by reposting it in various groups.After becoming a freelance lecturer, I like course development and design, teaching and interaction with students.However, he is not good at customer development and sales.Since last year, I’ve been surrounded by people who have given me a lot of opportunities to do that.I just did what I was good at and let others manage the rest, which made me feel comfortable.