Independently developed in China!This winter Olympics opening ceremony mask is not simple

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Colorful masks bloom like a sea during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on The evening of February 4, 2022.It is reported that the opening Ceremony medical protective mask (N95) is independently developed and designed by China, and incorporates Chinese elements such as Beijing Winter Olympics elements, snowflakes and a variety of colors in its appearance design, which makes it look particularly “bright” when worn.Although it is a small mask, its design and production are not simple.As the mask for the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics is a variable plane-cavity structure, the combination of pattern and three-dimensional structure of the mask should be considered in the design. The mask r&d team repeatedly adjusted the structure and pattern design of the mask and completed the proofing of the product.In the proofing process, in order to be effective and confidential, air raw materials, special personnel for supervision and transportation.Finally, after dozens of modifications, the special opening ceremony mask designed in China, patented in China and made in China was developed. After many arguments, a variety of colors including light blue gradient, dark blue gradient, light purple, normal purple, red 186C and red 186C-2 were finally determined.In order to better fit the face shape of different ethnic groups, the main body of this mask is optimized based on the analysis and comparison of the face shape characteristics of more than 2,000 people from different ethnic groups, which ensures the product performance and makes it more comfortable to wear.Games opening ceremony of the mask through good cooperation with, not only has realized the real-time complete facial cover, effectively enhance respiratory efficiency, at the same time on the structure with unique Chinese utility model patents, fully satisfy GB19083-2010 “medical respirator technical requirements specification” for medical respirator (N95) standards of 13 performance requirements,And through professional third-party testing institutions detection.As a medical grade multi-purpose high-efficiency protective mask, the mask is mainly used to prevent all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other small particles;The filter efficiency for submicron infectious pathogens such as SARS, A/H1N1, Ebola, highly pathogenic avian influenza and novel coronavirus has reached more than 95%.The outer mask of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics is made of high-definition digital printed non-woven fabric, which ensures clear and beautiful patterns and meets more than a dozen testing indicators such as moisture resistance and flame retardant required by the standard of medical protective masks. The 5 mm high elastic and soft ear band is selected to improve the tightness and comfort of wearing.The mask will also be used in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The mask will not be sold to the public during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Paralympics.However, the same masks will be available to the general public at venues where the Games will be held.(Science and Technology Daily reporter Li He)