“Heart home” : 2 big poke tears moment, 3 meaning difficult flat, this is the heart and sober truth of the world

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In the final episode, there is no unexpected happy ending, but with two tears, the plot is pushed to a climax.Dull life, also can give color, and can mix fireworks and pure perfect together, is undoubtedly another strong proof of haiqing acting blast crack.When Feng Xiaoqin showed herself in the name of teaching “disguised confession”, her words contained a huge impact, showing the restraint of adults in the face of love.That moment was made to cry, should not only exhibition xiang one.If, haiqing undoubted acting is expected, then, Ge Yue hammer abdomen when the tragic smile, is no doubt caught off guard “king fried”, instantly put people into the mood of despair.However, life is not just plain fireworks and delicate feelings, there are in reality and dream between the stumbling.The TV series “heart home” closed, 3 meaning difficult flat let a person reflect.1, Gu Qingyu: young dream broken, love eventually arrived but reality?Gu Qingyu is a “bone essence” with “high appearance, high education and high income”. His only regret is that he waited until he was 36 years old to find love in his heart.The accident is, Shiyuan is no longer a dream of shining young, but a life rushing and destroyed people.Even so, she doesn’t mind, or she doesn’t want to look at the gap.When Shi Yuan that “the most perfect woman” speech, accompanied by the piano singing that elegant appearance, instantly let her dream and reality overlap, helpless.Love will make a person is highly beautified, marriage will let the shortcomings of the infinite amplification.Once thought that love can overcome all obstacles, in the end, shiyuan’s vulnerability, sensitivity and pride, her caution and prejudice, after all, it is difficult to continue, people sigh.This, I am afraid, is all unexpected.Is love, after all, but reality?Yes and no.Romance in love, to take root in the marriage fence, is around the reality.At the same time, love can transcend all kinds of restrictions and prejudices in the secular world, so as to match the realistic conditions.When Shiyuan dragged her luggage and closed the door at that moment, she dared to say: “The woman who stood in the door and was sad for me, the little girl who always put me in the bottom of her heart and never forgot me for more than twenty years, I hope this is the last time that she is sad. Maybe it is the only thing I can do for her.Together for love, and apart for love.One wants to prove himself too much and ends up giving others a handle; the other wants to maintain harmony too much and ends up listening too much and being questioned, misunderstood and hurt, forgetting that the right way to open up good communication is to face up to differences and abandon subjective assumptions.Show xiang: ten years of infatuation for nothing, love is never a person’s thing.Exhibition xiang, because real estate speculation to achieve financial freedom, so also became the eyes of others “nouveau riche”.He sometimes deliberately show off, but will seriously work for the “not late” old man;Sometimes pretend to be aggressive, but will help Guo Qiang and his wife.Is such a person, but because of the crowd to see that one eye, cast the dream of ten years of infatuated love.In order to become the man gu wants to be, he is not only available, but also learning English, piano and concerts.However, his ten years like a day, formed a “knee-jerk reflex” like instinct, but only gu Qingyu said to walk away.Love, is a person forever, but love, but need two people’s positive response.Exhibition xiang again and again without return, and returned to the position of a good friend.The kind of love but not, want to give up and unwilling to pain, so that his mood like a roller coaster ups and downs.Feng burst into tears as he made his “most loveable” confession under the slogan “I will teach you”.Love, but can only be fulfilled, can only wait silently, do not want to give her pressure.This familiar “borrow force”, is how many times the experience of empathy, how can he not understand?However, love is so unreasonable, he can not respond to Feng Xiaoqin, just as Gu Qingyu can not respond to him.Gu Qingyu deliberately interrupted, and he a “this is too great”, nothing more than with a look around his attitude, decent expression of the refusal.When I was young, I thought that there would always be a return to pay, but in the adult world, there are many fruitless.We strive to find them because they are worth it. We strive to leave no regrets.3, Feng Qianqian: Lose the bottom line but retreat, really?Under the title of “stranger sister”, she has been leading a dependent life.In the words of Sun Anke, the most heart-warming moment in Feng’s heart is: “My sister and brother are good, and then I have a house of my own.”It was so small, so small as it seemed to be, and so large that she could only balk at its price with all her might.Perhaps, it is years of cautious repression too long;Perhaps her new job opened her eyes to the bigger world;Or perhaps the impact of a misstep was too great.In short, under her uncle’s price of 80 thousand sets, she was tempted.For the first time in her life, she felt close to her dream, and for the first time, she wanted to do whatever it took to get it.Until she lost her way in the chase.In the face of her sister’s advice, she still went her own way, the kind of bottom line is also reasonable appearance is shocking.Although in the end, she broke up with Gu xin and decided to start over in a new place, the “punishment” was too light for the audience.In particular, when Ge Yue chose to forgive Gu Xin, but accidentally bumped into two people at parting, the grief of the reaction, but also raised eyebrows.In the concept of people, those who have moral flaws, should be punished, such as Feng Qianxi “whole body out”, when it is really difficult to reconcile.In fact, the panic when she was caught, the melancholy when she left alone, and the infamous past, will become a brand, sealed in the depths of her memory.Even if, she has a new future, can be young capricious price, it is a lifetime to bear the “debt”.Finally: all shapes and sizes are the truth of life.Three meals a day, the continuation of the human fireworks, firewood, rice, oil and salt, bearing the world of love.”Home in the Heart” in a dinner party, the calculation and comparison layer upon layer of confusion, let love hate and hatred quietly bloom, so that understanding and misgivings arise.Parents always appear trivial, but hidden joys and sorrows, is people all their life can not bypass the involvement.Everyone on the show has loves and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. They’re not perfect, but they’re as alive as you and me.Their ending is not satisfactory, but the end of a thousand postures, this is the truth of life.The difference is that we stumble between our dreams and reality, feeling the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy life, also appreciate the hardships and struggles of life, and finally, in the gain and loss, find the direction forward and the meaning of life.Just as the ending says: “No one knows what will happen next, just like the era of rapid change, everyone turns round and round, there are hope, disappointment, progress, compromise, smooth, by twists and turns, but no matter what, will eventually find their own spiritual residence.This is our life.”