Full 5G coverage of the Dalian-Yantai sea route has been achieved

2022-06-05 0 By

Our reporter learned on February 14 that Dalian Mobile and Shandong Mobile recently innovated the application of 700M coastal base station ultra-remote coverage + cabin repel station + onboard multi-mode CPE mode to achieve full COVERAGE of 5G signals on the Dalian-Yantai, Lvshun-Yantai, Lvshun-Penglai routes, which is the first time to achieve 5G coverage of sea routes in China.From now on passengers can “full grid home, sea send acacia”.The Dalian-Yantai route, with a full distance of 150 kilometers, is the golden route for passengers and freight of Liaoning and Shandong. In the past six and a half hours of the voyage, four and a half hours have to be “lost”, which is extremely inconvenient for the crew and the passengers returning home.In order to solve this problem, relevant departments carried out a lot of topographic exploration, calculated the link loss and simulated coverage by using the model, and finally selected the coastal base station with an altitude of 150 meters on top of the mountain as the main coverage cell, and adopted the high-gain multi-mode directional antenna for ultra-remote coverage.In addition, the azimuth Angle was optimized and adjusted based on MDT big data coverage analysis and on-board test results combined with the test results of the front and back stages, and the factors such as difficulties in offshore construction, long test cycle and unstable route signal were overcome.This new mode not only solves the problem of voice calls at sea and in the cabin, but also meets the needs of wechat, Douyin and video chat, with no network delay.It is reported that Dalian will further expand the innovative application of “5G+ Smart ocean”, actively promote the integrated development of port and navigation informatization, provide accurate services of “land, sea and air”, and fully promote the implementation of 5G coverage, smart maritime supervision, smart anchorage, Marine pasture and other applications in the port area.Shao Haifeng reporter Lv Li