Big detective second case, Zhang Ruoyun, Wu Xinyan father and daughter love, Wang Ou, Wei Chen cast fierce even vote

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Mango TV made the franco-prussian education reasoning program “detective 7” in the second case the rooftop apartment fixation of broadcast, and the earlier program mode, the concentrated almost proved that nearly half the contents of the previous reasoning is players feel, will give some high-tech or extraordinary story environment, focusing on the “empty nest” youth backdrop,Set in a future world of single adults, the show focuses on social problems, with He Jiong as he Yaoyao, a researcher at a medical company, Zhang Ruoyun as Zhang Xiuxiu, a maintenance worker, Wei Chen as Wei Jiao, a blogger who searches for live stores, Wang Ou as Ou Haofang, a real estate manager, and Wu Xin as Wu Bitian, a confectionist.Big Zhang Wei serves as detective, Pu Yi Xing serves as detective assistant, the deceased is rooftop apartment owner Zhen Lou Lord.After the reasoning of the first stage, the disputes between players have initially appeared, and after entering the second stage, many deeper stories continue to emerge in front of the audience.Most secret what medicine medicine to become the whole of the case is extremely important characters in the story, what medicine in medicine in the second round of the search of the room, not only make people sigh is high-tech room, originally the dead zhen the building there is a huge conspiracy, to make up for the lack of family warmth regret since childhood, zhen I discovered what medicine medicine extraction others happy memories,Thus threatening any drug design for him to draw empty other people’s memory tools, the people living in the apartment brainwashing into their own family.Through looking back to be extracted memory, the original Wei click, ou good room before being extracted memory is a pair of net lovers, and more surprising is wu Bi sweet is zhang Xiuxiu’s own daughter.Pictures from the network in the first round of the reasoning, zhang repaired plot has left a lot of blank, but in fact is directly related to the murderer plot does not much, if the real play script “kill” smoke to the edge of this role is really people, but fortunately Zhang Reyun good at reasoning, in zhang found a piece of single bed room repaired, after open unexpectedly discovered the bodies of a new,To dig out the sweet than ever been attempted profane history, wu wu than original sweet are being threatened by the gangsters justifiable defense under the small bludger pushed down the stairs, thought he was going to kill people, as the father of zhang in order to maintain the daughter repaired and hid the body in bed, but actually fill dao zhen is the person who is the original poster, and use this to threaten than wu sweet,This also implemented wu Bi Sweet and Zhang Xiu xiu kill.Images derived from the network according to the last the reasoning of the basic lock several pranks, what medicine is the use of poison gas, gulls used poison is suspected, good room motivated don’t have time to repaired, zhang wu have motivation than sweet have time but no begin, wei click is using the hammer, in the process of reasoning, each one are fool on occasion than the first piece of repaired and wu sweet asked what medicine medicine,What medicine said to have evidence to say, after Pu Yi Xing asked Wei Click is not the use of a hammer, Wei Click asked who is used, after the discovery of the poison used by ou Hao fang, Ou Hao fang is playing a homophone.After the program was adjusted, there was concern that “Big Detective” could not be as good as “Ming Zhen” series, but now it seems that due to the existence of the old with the new, reasoning and entertaining, even many netizens feel that the second case is more exciting than the first case.Pictures from the network in the last stage of reasoning vote, detective as a well-deserved big kid for two tickets are voted wei click on a person, either god or failure, before the vote in the last analysis, wu xin wu after some reasoning plays than sweet imagination is what medicine drug made of double insurance is put forward,But the final vote still appeared a wonderful confrontation, and finally turned into the Wei click, gull good room, but this is undoubtedly the killer card play too good, the last killer should have another person, as a whole, the second case can be called a wonderful case.