The combination of software and hardware, yinghai town diversified volunteer services to the masses worry less

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On February 16, Ms. Li went to the government service center to handle the retirement formalities for her father. She needed to provide copies of her ID card, household registration book and bank card. As she did not prepare the copies in advance, volunteers of the service center helped her copy the application materials in the hall.Later, Ms. Li said that she would go to the bank to handle business, could you help to copy more copies, the staff readily agreed, and photocopied relevant materials for Ms. Li, Ms. Li thanked again and again.”The focus of volunteer services includes the disabled, the elderly, entitled groups and other members of society who have special difficulties and need assistance.”The government affairs service center related person in charge said that the hall arranged a volunteer every day, responsible for answering the masses oral consultation, telephone consultation, guide, help, assist and other daily work.To assist the masses to check in advance whether the handling information is complete and complete, do a good job in business consulting work, to help the elderly inconvenient to move barrier-free into the service hall for business.In addition, the hall provides a number of hardware facilities for the convenience of the people, such as medicine boxes, water dispensers, hearing AIDS, electronic writing pads, voice telephone for the blind and other equipment.The combination of hardware and software has greatly facilitated the work of the masses, shortened waiting time and improved efficiency.In the future, yinghai Town Government Affairs Service Center will continue to carry out various volunteer service activities in various forms, and strive to build a satisfactory government service hall with volunteer service as the focus, so as to help the masses solve the problem of “urgent problems and anxious expectations”, so that the masses can enjoy more considerate and high-quality government services.