Surprise O ‘Sullivan!Ding Junhui out, Higgins against Zhao Xintong, The rise of Snooker in China

2022-06-04 0 By

The championship league of the peoples attention to play hot, now the seventh group of the game has been finished, and finally the old wizard Higgins laugh at the last, the winner of the group will be against Zhao Xintong, Yan Bingtao.Snooker fans often know that the seventh group of players is very good, there are 75 three players O ‘Sullivan, Higgins, and 80 tiger Robertson, Ding Junhui, of course, there are excellent 90 players Karen Wilson.Although the Chinese first brother did not qualify for the winner group, but in the seventh group match is really commendable, Ding Junhui in 25 rounds with a thunderous 6 break 100, have to say that Ding junhui attack firepower is also improving.But some fans mocked Ding for being a bully, as ding has lost 13 consecutive matches against top 16 players, an embarrassing 400 days without a top-16 player.I believe that many fans know ding Junhui’s strength is there, but in recent years, he played less ball, put more energy on snooker, many matches appeared round.Many attentive fans will not be surprised to see ding’s sudden power outages and occasional unnecessary errors, which show that his mind is not solely on snooker.But in the face of declining in the world rankings, ding junhui has now come to 30th, a snooker hall of fame player, for ding junhui, 35, now is too early to talk about retirement or, plus some things such as the commercial layout need to ding junhui in the field above, ding junhui now also want to once again to hit their peak levels.Now Ding Junhui is to match training, we do not have too much expectation for him to win the championship, Ding Junhui results should be in the second half of the season, because Ding Junhui’s condition is slowly improving.For example, in his recent matches against Rockets O ‘Sullivan and wizard Higgins, Ding lost 3-2. Against O ‘Sullivan, Ding got off to a slow start, but O ‘Sullivan scored 60 points to win the opening game 74-11.Ding came on in the second frame, scoring 87 points in a single stroke to level the score at 1-1 at 87-7.The third set was fraught, and O ‘Sullivan finally won the match 59-21 after a dogfight.The fourth ding did not retreat a fighting, with 138, 0 to seal his win the bureau, came to the decider, ding junhui hits 62, once the score to 66-16, who would have thought the next Ding Yige appear again the situation of the chain, astute his by making some snooker, disrupted the mindset of ding junhui,Ding was penalized several times before O ‘Sullivan beat him 94-66.In the match against Higgins, ding junhui and Ding Junhui were in excellent form. Higgins shot 134, ding junhui also shot 101 and 131. When it came to the decider, Ding junhui was still not consistent enough, and was defeated by Higgins 3-2, 69-50.O ‘Sullivan out of the Champions League, many fans think it is an upset, because the rockets did not play seriously, on the contrary, Ding Junhui out really a little pity.Higgins will advance to the winner’s group to face players like Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao. Now many fans are talking about Zhao xintong winning the title again because China snooker is on the rise!