Is it illegal for one’s own daughter to beat her own mother

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5. Feng Auntie was a stubborn woman. Ever since she was young, her husband had to obey her.Uncle Ma, perhaps for the sake of family harmony and not to upset his parents, applied to the production team for a homestead less than two years after his marriage. He simply built three tile-roofed houses for himself, and then moved out with his wife and daughter.For decades, uncle Ma in the home everything to listen to his wife, so, after the daughter Xiu ping married, with her mother-in-law, and son-in-law Tian Lin moved home together, uncle Ma does not agree, but aunt Feng hoped her daughter can return to his home, old daughter pension also became a natural thing.Uncle Ma could not persuade Aunt Feng, but reluctantly agreed.Xiu ping and Tian Lin with their children back to their parents’ home, live with their parents.Logically, ma Uncle no son, xiu ping a daughter, although Tian Lin is not a son-in-law, but with her daughter son-in-law to live together, so old age also have a rely on.Xiu ping just back home, or good, can try to listen to the mother, because to rely on the mother to help with the children.Xiu ping gave birth to a son and a daughter, are the mother to help with the big.Tian Lin lived in her mother-in-law’s home, the in the mind is always some uneasy, so in their son ten years old that year, Tian Lin encouraged Xiu Ping to renovate the old house in their name.Uncle Ma thought the house was his own and there was no need for his daughter and son-in-law to renovate it, so he refused and said directly to his daughter and son-in-law: “Xiuping, I know you and Tian Lin are kind, but it costs money to renovate the house. The two children are still studying, so don’t spend money recklessly.Besides, our house is fine. We can live in it.Your rooms were built less than ten years ago. Would it not be a waste to renovate them?”Before Xiu ping had time to speak, Tian Lin spoke first: “Dad, we are now the house all down, I will borrow some money from my parents, and then build the house into a two-story building, so it does not spend much money.”In fact, Tian Lin thought, is to live in the father-in-law’s home not to go, because the father-in-law’s village from the county is closer, even if not demolition, living in the city to buy things is convenient, and the father-in-law show ping a daughter, one hundred years later this place is not their.After hearing this, Aunt Feng agreed with her son-in-law very much, so she said to her husband in front of her daughter and son-in-law: “You are a dead brain, we are only one daughter, this house will be theirs sooner or later, if you want to flip, let them flip.3. Uncle Ma was very helpless, but he did not want to live in the house built by his daughter and son-in-law. So, when he decided to tear down the original tile-roofed house and build a new building, Uncle Ma rented a house for himself in the county seat, and then did odd jobs in the county seat to earn money to support himself.After the house is built, Xiu ping let him move back to live, ma Uncle did not promise, a person to continue to live in the city.At that time, Aunt Feng felt that her husband was not around, so she helped her daughter take care of the children, and it was good for her daughter and son-in-law to live together, so as to avoid the occasional sulky and unhappy with her husband. Therefore, she did not advise Uncle Ma to move back home.More than ten years later, Show ping’s two children are big, do not need someone to take care of every day, so, show ping began to fight with her mother from time to time because of some housework.Aunt feng’s strong in front of the pro daughter also do not show weakness, so, noisy noisy conflict to upgrade.One day, mother and daughter quarreled again over some trivial matter.Xiu ping directly said to her mother: “Mom, you move out, go to my dad!My dad’s been living out there all by himself for years. Go wait on him!””This is my home. Why should you ask me to move out?If you love your father, persuade him to move back here.”Aunt Feng said.”This is no longer your home.This is my home with Tian Lin.”Xiu ping anger against her mother.”How can you say this is your house? This is mine and your father’s house.”Aunt Feng asked.”That’s it.”Xiu ping said from his room to take out a book, threw to his mother.Aunt Feng took the book, opened a look, the book clearly write the homestead owner’s name is xiu ping.Originally in the rural land and housing land approval, horse big ye live in the county will not come home, feng aunt feel old, there are some things that don’t understand, so let show ping do it for you, didn’t expect xiu ping to do them a name, and don’t know at what time, show the ping a family of four of them come to the house, all registered permanent residence.Aunt feng a little angry, so the book fell on the show ping’s face, maybe show ping really angry, maybe show ping want to take the opportunity to drive the old mother out of the house, so show ping began to play the old mother.Feng auntie was beaten by her daughter after she could not swallow the tone, so she sued her daughter to court and asked her daughter to support her.The lawsuit won, the court decided to show ping aunt feng take five hundred yuan a month to live, but aunt Feng now have no place to live, can only rent a house outside, annual rent three thousand yuan, show ping to the money is not enough to spend.Now I make a living by collecting scrap.Aunt Feng wanted to go to Uncle Ma, but uncle Ma did not want her, and his daughter did not want her.In desperation, Feng consulted a lawyer to get her house back.Lawyer after detailed understanding of the situation, tell feng aunt, the house has not come back, but the house is a daughter, you are an only child, she should support you, to have a good communication with his daughter, also can look for local government departments help to negotiate with his daughter, can return to live better, if there is no, only charged once again, let his daughter to a little more cost of living.Aunt Feng’s story, from a reasonable point of view, Xiu ping should support Aunt Feng.Since her mother had brought up her young, it was her duty to bring up her old, and her mother had helped her bring up her two children.Say from legal principle, to the old person do support obligation also is legal regulation, and the premise that inherits old person property also is to support old person.Xiu ping do not want to support her mother, also start to beat her mother, this is wrong plus wrong.Violence like beating your mother is even more illegal.Warm reminder: the story is fictional, if there are similarities, pure coincidence.