Ideal and Realistic Wisdom in The Analects of Confucius (VII)

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The Master Wang Tingxin said, “Sacrificing a man who is not his ghost, flattering.See righteousness not for, no courage also.””Don’t give in to your teacher.”Here, Confucius emphasized life attitude and bravery have become the social virtues advocated by the Chinese nation.The main implication of this article: ① a gentleman does what is right.Confucius said, “If one’s own ancestors go to sacrifice, it is flattery.”Seeing what ought to be done, and not doing it, is courage.Some of us in China were eager to celebrate western festivals, and not to pay tribute to our own ancestors, but to pay tribute to the ancestors of westerners, in fact, toadying!This is the basis for the phrase “doing good deeds”.See righteousness not for courage, from another aspect of the meaning is to do just things.② Don’t give in to your teacher.Confucius said, in the face of the implementation of benevolence and virtue, even to the teacher is not humble.This is the origin of the term “in charge”.Is to encounter should do things, should take the lead to do and not modest.Conclusion: The attitude of life advocated by Confucius has become the fine tradition and style of the Chinese nation.This is a lofty and clear ideal of life. In real life, we should start from the young people doing just what they want to do, and strive to cultivate and exercise the excellent qualities of the Chinese nation.South Song dynasty national hero Wen Tianxiang for the country and the nation heroic dedication spirit of the famous poem: mountain and river broken wind floating catwum, floating shen Yu ping.Life since ancient times who 旡 die, keep honest according to history.