A man with a drink like this is the best to be with

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Mr Wen | | blue socks (zhou guoping teacher) like a drink.If he meets the right person, he will be very happy and his eyes will be bright.I wonder how he always meets the right people at the bar!Will you raise your glass.See the world is gentle, more tolerant of people?I don’t know.But after he drinks, go home very good, fall asleep do not say, the next day never hangover, spirit wake up.So I let him drink.He seemed quiet and unobserved at the wine table.But he can hold his liquor a little.Others in the wine table, all do everything possible to conceal their alcohol, can drink a catty only say 22, he is a mouth is the truth: I once 70 degrees of white wine once drank a catty 22.People often surprised: there are such a height of wine?He was very proud and took the trouble to describe in detail when and where he had drunk.I don’t listen to it that many times, maybe 100 or so.However, he does not have any special drinking friends, his old friends as they get older, drink more and more quality, health, and meet less and less.But his friends come from a variety of sources, including fans turned friends, wine table encounters and young and old.However, after a happy meal, it will be easy to see him again.Alcohol can really bring people together quickly, especially introverts.So drinking has a special meaning for him.Mr. A smiled most simply, and his eyes were most enthusiastic and sly, at the wine table.Nothing else in life, books included, could have given him, the contented look with which he held his glass.For a while he had trouble sleeping and would often get up and have a drink in the night before going to bed.Half a bottle of wine can often be seen on the table in the bedroom.He drank a lot of whisky and wine at home, and I began to worry about him.Drinking in the middle of the night did not improve his sleep and he still woke up listless each morning.One night, before going to bed, he squatted in front of the wine cabinet, looking through the bottles, and I knew he would start with the worse ones.Even willful, he is measured.I scolded him: Don’t drink so much. It’s bad for your health.He actually angry and wronged ground to say: you leave me alone, I am so a little hobby.Strangely enough, after a while, his sleep was better, and he actually stopped drinking too much.One night before going to bed, my husband suddenly smiled and said, “I just sent Xiaoya a wechat message and asked her why she wants to quit drinking.You are so funny (boring)…What did she say?She said rinpoche told her to quit drinking, however, Zhou teacher opposed, she immediately to apply for “secular”.I laughed.Xiao Ya is so cute, she does what she says.When she returned to Beijing after the Spring Festival, she immediately came to ask: “Hongjie, I have returned to secular life. When will I drink wine?”Monsieur’s eyes lit up at this, and then pretended to dim again.I have several bestie friends who are cheerful, artistic and forlorn. In modern words, they are “beautiful and sough”. The key is that they love wine.Once, my husband was on a business trip. I invited them to our house for fun.Of course I know why. I avoided it on purpose.It is an important pleasure of life for a few girls to say a few private words together.Just because I know all my friends doesn’t mean I don’t have a need to meet in person.I had to comfort him: when you come back to have a party.I knew he kept it in his mind.Xiao Ya is one of several girlfriends.I always say, xiaoya is the most suitable for drinking among the girls I know, why?When she drinks, she is quite different from when she doesn’t.If she did not drink at the table, her face would be pale, her eyes dull, her language tasteless, and she really felt like a pearl covered with dust.If she picked up the glass, it must be filled with white wine, the whole person immediately lively, witty, lively, love to say love to dare to act in pettish, charming.She had better manners when she was drunk: she had to order cars for everyone, and they had to be luxurious.She drinks so well, she has so many friends.So that xiaoya became a few familiar friends spread to spread between the event.Therefore, she must celebrate this “return to secular life”.I, the one who pours when I touch it, take care of it.But I did not lose, for when they drank, I rejoiced too.Their witty remarks were forgotten, and I could count them all the next day.There are high and low levels of alcohol, happiness is the same.Here, a toast…Whitewater!Blue Socks, 2022.2.18 This article is reprinted from GH: Blue Socks says (ID: blue-socks) that there is a higher self residing in the heart of every man, and the greatest benefit of philosophy is the awakening of the higher self.These fundamental problems want to understand, many problems in life will be easily solved.This time, I chose four modules in philosophy that are closest to everyone’s life: introduction to philosophy, theory of happiness, theory of morality, and theory of life and death. I want to inspire everyone to think about some fundamental problems through this systematic philosophy class: first, how to find yourself and solve anxiety and confusion;How to balance self and the outside world and live a worthwhile life?Three, how to get high level happiness and joy and so on.