Xiapu Couplets (Series 65)

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Xiapu couplet works (series 65) Xiapu Couplet association party as the backbone of the hundred people dream is kyushu refers to the street lamp – to commemorate the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Party (with the surname as the sequence) South Lake red hold, save the suffering heart is strong;Yanshui light huan, pull the country in danger.Enter Beijing to take the exam, the people to win good results;Run a country to make it strong, the party and government to develop jincheng.Tree people as the Lord, qunli chun wind to participate in politics;The establishment of the Party for the public, the rule of law and prosperity of the country.Seek development, yu people’s health, well-being to thousands of households;Peace, friendship, diplomatic relations across the continent.Zhu Xingyu wrote national policy close people, five lakes mutually beneficial five continents mutual benefit;Party flag warm yu, the Belt and Road new win-win.Write couplets on the Party flag;Incorporate public opinion into state policies.Party flag, the creation of the world;Policy line, rich country strong people.Party flag clean time is good;The state policy is wise and the normal state is new.Flag floating all the way fu Lian area;The party warms the five lakes and benefits the five continents.Xu Leap write sickle anti-corruption people fast;Swing an axe and build a clean society.Increase the party spirit, anti-corruption, serious corrupt officials;Strong China, anbang prosperous country, beware of militarism poor soldiers.Hard-working for the people round the dream of the country;Figure new inspirational bao Bang xing.The red ship carries the dream of revival;Children worship a prosperous country.Li Shirong wrote friendly, civilized, build a harmonious society;Sincerity, equality, complicity happy family.The wind is clear gas, harmonious society is warm like spring;A happy family is as sweet as honey.The people are willing to fly the Chinese dream;Work as one to build a well-off day.Li Fushan made a boat to sail south Lake, braving the waves to meet the sun;Starlight Beidou, drive clouds and fog to lead the journey.Yanta lofty, revolutionary spirit zhao Sun and moon;Red flag hunting, the core value of yao Qiankun.Sickle hammer brilliant, anti-corruption in addition to corruption flag more yan;Sun and moon guanghua, tuqiang rich dream can round.Rule of law, fair and just regime solid;Moral obedience, seeking truth from facts party discipline.Ji-chang li from