With Su yiming on the podium, there are domestic ice and snow equipment

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Equipped with the rapid development of snow and ice, is one of the important promoting consumption mass of snow and ice to/visual Chinese article | caijing reporter XinXiaoTong edit | yu le on February 15 games in the competition, 17 year old Chinese player Su Yi sound in snowboarding won the gold medal in the men’s big platform final, add a bright spot to the Lantern Festival.Su was joined on the podium by another source of Chinese pride: the skis of Canada’s Max Parrott, the bronze medalist in the event.Parrott’s skis, supplied by Domestic ski brand Nobaday, are the only ski equipment from China to make it to the Olympic finals.This is Nobaday’s second Olympic trip.Parrott used the ski to win the men’s snowboard slopestyle competition on Feb. 9.This is also the first Gold medal for China’s ice and snow equipment in the Olympics.Max Parrott showing Nobaday skis;Nobaday is part of China’s burgeoning army of homegrown ski gear.With the goal of “300 million people on ice and snow” reached, there is still more room for development of ski equipment in the future.According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 346 million people participated in snow and ice sports in China as of October 2020.According to the 2016-2025 Development Plan for Ice and snow Sports, the total scale of China’s ice and snow industry should reach 1 trillion yuan by 2025.The Venue of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is not only a stage for the exhibition of domestic ice and snow equipment, but also a new starting point for the future.With the gradual increase in the number of domestic ice and snow sports participants, the ski equipment market ushered in a period of rapid development.This includes not only snow and ice field equipment and related accessories (such as snow machine, snow press, etc.), but also snow and ice retail equipment for consumers (such as snow boards, snow mirrors).According to data released by Zhiyan Consulting, the scale of China’s ski equipment market in 2020 was about 12.69 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 8%.This figure is expected to continue to rise as the epidemic gradually stabilizes and the post-Olympic ice sports boom continues.The global ski equipment market is expected to grow ata CAGR of 3.2% from 2019 to 2024, according to reported Data from Marker Intelligence Data.The global ski equipment market is highly fragmented, with many competitors and fierce competition among major suppliers.At home, the market is still dominated by European and American brands.”Heavy skiers generally recognize world-class brands,” Zhou Hang, co-founder of ski App GOSKI, told Caijing. “The most expensive and high-end products are the ones that sell out the fastest.”For example, Burton, an American outdoor ski brand, has about 30-40% of the Chinese market.According to the “2021 E-commerce Double 11 Ecological Insight Report” by Ebon Power Research Institute, the top five snowboarding brands are Burton, Nitro and other international brands, Nobaday ranked eighth.In the winter Olympics, the skis used by the athletes are also mainly concentrated in the international big brands. First, the quality and reputation of the skis are more guaranteed, and second, it also shows the tradition and advantages of the big brands sponsoring athletes.Due to the late start, domestic ice and snow equipment enterprises are still mainly to provide OEM services. The threshold of the low-end market is not high, and there are all kinds of “Tao brands”, many of which are factories and stores, applying moulds to direct mass production, and the development is chaotic.Zhou Hang introduced, taobao ranked in the top “tao brand”, single products can sell more than 1000+ monthly sales, many products are foreign high-end brand “shanzhai version”, with more and more “xiaobai” into the market, this part of the product demand is also very high.According to Mob Research, snowboard gross margins are about 40 to 50 percent, which is the figure for consumer retail.If you’re leasing equipment to ski resorts, gross margins could be cut in half, according to Leopard Research.Moreover, snowboard upstream parts and components still need to be imported.According to the report of Tianfeng Securities, snowboard, for example, the main parts are wood, steel plate, KEVLAR (commonly known as fireproof fiber), polyamide, glass fiber, etc., of which wood and KEVLAR are mainly imported.However, on the other hand, Chinese skis use the same product line as those of well-known European brands, and the technology and quality are not much different.In the opinion of Liu Fengxi, founder of Nobaday, what China lacks is core r&d and design talents, which cannot meet the needs of more consumers.Compared with the international top brands, the domestic ski equipment market is still small, the audience diversification degree is low, and the space for independent research and development is also relatively small.For example, Mr. Su and Burton, a sponsor of many Olympians, are still mass-produced skis that can be fine-tuned to match athletes’ needs to a high degree.Domestic brand Nobaday’s skis go the custom route.Li Shuo, a former Nobaday employee, told Caijing that Parot’s skis are too hard for ordinary Chinese skiers to use.Skiing equipment in the Olympic arena outstanding performance immediately reflected in the consumer end.Nobaday’s snowboard products ranked first in the hot selling list of snowboard on Tmall on February 15 (ranking the sales volume and transaction value of comprehensive products in the recent 7 days).The same phenomenon happened to Gu.On February 9, the day after Gu won the gold medal in the freestyle ski grand jump, Faction, her two-board sponsor brand, saw sales on the Tmall flagship store increase by more than seven times compared to the previous day, with the same two-board gu Was the most popular.The Olympic Games stimulated a national ski consumption boom.Xiao Zhu, a skier, told Caijing that the Shichahai skating Rink and the Summer Palace skating Rink were almost full of tourists during this Spring Festival holiday. “It takes several hours to queue up, and there is almost no space for skating. The skaters on the long side have been rented out.”The ski resort is basically in the same situation. Badaling ski Resort told Caijing that if you enter the resort at 10 o ‘clock during the Spring Festival, there is a large probability that the snowboard can not be rented, and the double snowboard may have to try its luck.According to Tmall, from New Year’s Eve to the fourth day of the first lunar month, sales of ski equipment increased by more than 180 percent year-on-year, and sales of snow and ice leisure-related products such as snow tools increased by more than 300 percent.During the Spring Festival, the overall transaction volume of skiing and ice sports products increased by 322% and 430% year-on-year respectively, according to JD.com.Skiing equipment is only a small part of the Participants in the Olympic Games, from the opening ceremony of each brand “down jacket competition” can be seen, sports brands are also fully implement the rights and interests of sponsors.Peak, a Chinese sportswear brand, sponsored the opening ceremony parade of athletes from seven countries.The choice of sponsors is very important and directly determines the brand exposure.At home, Anta, as the official partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee and the main sponsor of several national teams, is by far the most exposed.At present, Anta has sponsored a total of 22 national teams (including the summer Olympic teams). In this year’s Winter Olympics, Anta has sponsored the Chinese alpine ski team, short-saber speed skating team and curling team, and most of them are the favorites to win MEDALS.In recent years, the Chinese Olympic Committee has been very strict in protecting the rights and interests of sponsors, cracking down on “ambush marketing” and strictly forbidding non-Olympic sponsors from commercial promotion in the name of the Olympics.This also means, besides Anta, other domestic sports brands by the Olympic Games play a lot of space to narrow.Li Ning is betting on national teams with some of the world’s best-known athletes, such as Canada’s alpine ski team.Li Ning also sponsors the Hungarian short track speed skating team, whose Chinese athletes Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang are popular in China.In this year’s 1000m short track speed skating final, three Chinese athletes competed against two Hungarian athletes, which was dubbed by netizens as “Anta Li Ning war”.For sports brands, the level of technology is also an important indicator for the national team to choose sponsors. Good products can help athletes achieve better sports performance.At present, most of the hardware equipment of the national winter Olympic team needs to be imported, such as the skates used in speed skating, figure skating and ice hockey shoes. The technology of neck jam lies in alloy materials.If the material purity is not enough, it will lead to soft or hard skate;If welded at the wrong Angle, the blade can be too straight or bent, and even the smallest detail can affect an Olympic athlete’s performance.But domestic skates are also constantly seeking breakthroughs.The titanium alloy ice blades developed by Black Dragon International Ice & Snow Equipment have reached the international advanced level and have been promoted to the Xinjiang team, heilongjiang Daily reported on Feb. 9.In the speed skating, cross-country skiing competition clothing, domestic brands have broken the long-term dependence on imports.In this year’s Winter Olympics, the suits used by China’s speed skating and cross-country ski teams are all domestic products. Led by the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, more than a dozen companies have developed suitable fabrics and clothing structures, which have greatly improved the performance of wind resistance, anti-cutting and shock mitigation.In addition to sports brands, the manufacturing industry has also joined in the preparation of Olympic equipment, such as the snowmobile independently developed and produced by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and FAW Group, led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.Bobsled racing is a traditional event in the Winter Olympics, with an average speed of around 100 km/h and a maximum speed of 160 km/h.Snowmobile equipment manufacturing technology content is high, manufacturing process is complex, at present, most of the world snowmobile from Germany’s three manufacturers, the price of a single more than 300,000 YUAN.Even so, the purchase of snowmobiles and European and American teams customized version of the snowmobiles technology is still a big gap, in the Winter Olympics competition is very weak.This research and development team has conquered more than 20 key technologies such as carbon fiber housing, chassis, braking, steering and vehicle design and manufacturing, breaking foreign technical barriers, which can not only improve the performance of athletes, but also help the sport of snowmobile into the public life.On the premise of China’s outstanding achievements in table tennis and badminton, weightlifting and other events in the Summer Olympic Games, the level of domestic sports equipment has gradually reached or exceeded the international level.The improvement of China’s ice and snow sports performance, as well as the enthusiasm of the whole people, is also driving the development of domestic equipment.Ice and cold are becoming hot sports.With Su Yiming on the podium, there are domestic ice and snow equipment source: Financial magazine