There are two classic poems of the Song Dynasty, one of which is a seven-word poem by Su Shi describing Lin Bu. Do you like it

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Chen Shidao destroyed the wind and rain spring, tiansun river drum separated Tianjin.Lord grace and yan Hua do not limit the human frustrated people!This is a seven-word quatrains, the poet Chen Shidao in the yongan Post to see the girl’s column poem, her experience is extremely tragic, as the spring peach and plum were destroyed by wind and rain, due to the blocking of external forces, they can not go together, although close at hand, but far in the horizon.She comes at a time when youth, but be groundless block, in this world, like her a lot of losers, poet Chen Shidao is one of them, not forsaken the court, but because the new party constant denial, even lost their jobs, days a precarious existence, this encounter with the topic column female is similar, this is called “tianya reduced people”.Su Shi wu Nong grew lake and mountain songs, breathed lake light and drank mountain green.Regardless of the world hermit gentleman, the maids are ice jade.Sir But absolutely vulgar people, god clear bones cold from the vulgar.I don’t know if you ever dreamed that your eyes were bright.Will wonderful words everywhere, step around the West Lake to see insufficient.Poems such as dongye do not speak cold, books like less meat left Taiwan difference.Life high section has been difficult to follow, will die micro words can still be recorded.Since the words do not make zen book, more willing to sad sing hoary song!I laugh at wu people not good, good ancestral temple near repair bamboo.Otherwise with food narcissus king, a cold spring recommended autumn chrysanthemum.This is an ancient poem of seven words. Mr. Lin Hejing was from the south of The Yangtze River. At the age of 40, he lived in seclusion on the lonely Mountain, an island in the West Lake of Hangzhou, where the environment is quiet and beautiful.In the world, those who live a secluded life and escape from the world, they are not influenced by the secular world, nor do they fight for fame and wealth, nature is noble, even if they are slaves and women dealers, so long as they can do this, they are pure and pure people, this point is beyond doubt.Mr. Lin Hejing is not isolated from the world, but comes from nature. In terms of temperament and character, he not only has a clear mind, but also has a handsome spirit and refined qualifications, which makes him appear to be a man of high integrity.Although the poet Su Shi did not see him in reality, he had met him in his dream. His eyes were bright and bright, just like a bright candle, he could see everything. He broke off with power and fame all his life, and only liked planting plum and raising cranes, without any intention of fame and fortune.His poems were in the style of Meng Jiao, but without the bitter and cold atmosphere. His Poem “Small Plum in mountain Garden” is a masterpiece of ancient songs about plum blossoms. He also described the beautiful scenery of the West Lake, which not only vividly depicts the scenery on the lake, but also reflects reclusive life and leisure.His calligraphy is like that of Li Jianzhong, a calligrapher of the Northern Song Dynasty.To sum up, Mr. Lin hejing has the strengths of Meng Jiao and Li Jianzhong, but does not have their weaknesses.Sima Xiangru did not forget to please emperor Wudi on his deathbed, leaving a book of Buddhist Seals to persuade Emperor Wudi to mount Taishan.But Mr. Lin Ho-jing, who had lived a life of integrity and integrity, could not have done such a thing. When he was dying, he said that if one day he had to search for his will, there would be no such thing as a buddhist book.Since the book of Zen even disdains to write, can he also write such sad songs as “The Song of the White Head”?No man can speak like this.The people of Hangzhou county built a shrine in Mr. Lin Hejing’s former residence to commemorate him. Here, it seems low and narrow, and does not match him. He should enjoy the sacrificial hall of cold spring and autumn chrysanthemum in the king’s temple of narcissi.