“Spring Walking grassroots” Jiangyin “the last boat people” : “This Spring Festival, on the shore of the ‘new house’ too!”

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The river is green and sunny. The warm winter sun shimmering on the yangzhuang River.Tang Longxi, who is in his 50s, is one of the former fishermen of jingyang Community, a small village near the river.’Ashore at last!Seeing that the “backwater bay” where they used to live has turned into a “green meadow” and the “house” where they lived for 26 years has disappeared, tang Longxi, the “last boat people”, feels secure and steadfast in his heart. “This Spring Festival, I will spend it in the” new house “on the shore!”The first New Year on shore was not only looking forward to by Don himself, but by all of his family of seven.Last year, qingyang town inland river “three without” ship renovation, two months to clean up more than 30 “three without” ship, the cement boat of the old Tang family is the most “special”.The tang family has only one room on shore, big enough for their son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. The couple and their 85-year-old mother live and eat on the cement boat, and the seven of them have yet to have a real reunion dinner.”Leakage rain do not say, the old mother because of physical reasons, all the year round is not sitting, is lying.”Tang longxi recalls the hardships of living on a boat.”Don, go!Go to your new home to stick the word “fu”!”As soon as he heard the voice, Tang knew it was Liu Mingjun, deputy mayor of Qingyang Town.Approaching the end of the year, the life of the old Tang family makes him very worried.Early, in order to solve their “ashore” difficult problem, Liu Mingjun really expended some time.As early as last century, most of the families in the fishing team stopped fishing for a living and chose to live on shore. Even if the conditions were good, they bought houses elsewhere. Although Lao Tang’s family no longer fishes, they still live on the boat.In order to “go ashore”, he had to have land to live on. Liu visited jingyang community several times and finally decided to vacate half of the abandoned warehouse of the fishing team for tang’s family.The new home will have a new look, and the warehouse has been renovated at the government’s expense.”From construction to occupancy, less than a week, faster than I thought.”That Liu Mingjun to come, Tang Longxi cheerfully told reporters, he deliberately put this about 15 square meters of the “new home” ahead of time to meet the guests.”With water, electricity and a separate bathroom, I never expected to live in such a nice house in my life.”Tang Longxi’s mother Fu old lady saw Liu Mingjun some excited, holding his hand, repeatedly gesticulation, chanting, his face filled with joy.”After landing, the fishing team this lane became lively.”Jingyang community second grid member Zhang Jian is conducting daily inspection, fishing team changes in his eyes every day.He told reporters that the cement boat that docked before he also went up, the environment is dirty and smelly, on and off the boat is inconvenient, the villagers are covering their noses.Since the old man moved into the “new house”, the neighbors who never walked before also walked up, they often come to accompany The old lady talk, which makes the old man’s heart is very happy.In fact, the success of the Tang family “ashore”, excited can not only them.”After the transformation, the smell is gone, the road is easier to walk, and it has become beautiful!”The old captain of the fishing team Zhang Hubao saw the reporter, immediately shouted to see once the “backwater bay”, “the pond into the ground, but also scattered flowers and seeds, has become a good place for villagers to relax.”From the captain’s mouth, the reporter felt that behind the renovation of this special “three Noes” ship, what changed was not only the living environment of the whole family and the living environment of the whole village, but also the sense of gain and happiness of the villagers.(Tang Yunyun) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com