Praise the Winter Olympics in Beijing, China

2022-06-03 0 By

Open Chinese spring, gather in Beijing, walk into the Grand Winter Olympics;Feel the charm of the East, play games and enjoy sports civilization.The world to China for 15 days, China to show the world five thousand years of civilization;Mankind has brought new opportunities to Beijing, and China has added dazzling glory to the earth.The 2008 Summer Olympic Games has made China famous for the five worlds. The 22nd Winter Olympic Games will make Beijing amazing again. The Year of the Tiger Winter Olympic Athletes will gather in Beijing for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in SpringOlympic condensed five continents Olympic athletes competing colour game show, Beijing, China, five thousand years Chinese civilization guangyao world Near Beijing Olympic let the world know China 15 days feel passion new half a month to the world of the Olympic Games to dye the elegance Beijing zhangjiakou Olympic athletes set sail two of China’s urban agglomeration wuzhou athlete playing gameOlympic rings as a link to world peace, athletes from five continents join hands to face the future of the ice and snow world by using the platform to integrate thousands of snowflakes to compile the five-ring color roll Red Beijing Olympic athletes new talent in the world of competitive sports two cities to join the platform Olympic athletes in Beijing, China gathered together to join hands toward the future