Lingling: multi-party financing to support farmland construction

2022-06-03 0 By

Rednet moment February 7 news (correspondent Yang Wanli Lin Siyao) into the zero Ling District Daqing Ping Township Tianjiawan village under the hole of high standard farmland engineering construction site, rumbling, excavators, engineering vehicles distributed in the river bank, more than 20 workers are busy dredging, sand transport, grouting protection……Applicants Tian Jiawan village party branch secretary tang countries said: “our village high standard farmland construction level land 340 mu, within the scope of implementation of the plots in a part, ploughing, 5.5 km pipelines, a new tractor road 7 3.8 kilometers, three attached to build large machine-cultivated bridge, the three slab culvert, the cultivator, groove 68, passing the culvert, 47, a total investment of 2.9347 million yuan.After the completion of the project, it can increase the area of drought-flood grain harvest more than 1,000 mu.”Lingling district is a large grain production county, has been rated as the province’s grain production advanced counties for many years.In order to improve the efficiency of grain production, since the beginning of autumn last year, the whole district has adopted the method of “government driving, social coordination, project pulling, and mass action”, insisting on saving, squeezing, pressing, reducing, saving, lending, and raising construction funds of 75.72 million yuan from various sources.At the same time, in the construction of high standard farmland and water conservancy, small water and safe drinking water, the dam of consolidation, small and medium-sized rivers, rural water saving reconstruction project, the governance of water erosion, such as combination, and rural revitalization, organic combination of the new rural construction, security, waterlogging drainage, flood control and drought relief and industrial development, consolidate the results combined with poverty.Construction has begun in 15 rural towns and 23 high-standard farmland projects, including 100 kilometers of new irrigation canals, 97 new cultivable roads, and 27 new mountains and ponds. Forty-six hundred mu of high-standard farmland has been invested in, with the investment and construction scale increasing by more than 30% over the previous year respectively.