Fantasy world of three god books, plot, characters, fighting almost perfect, MOE new pit the best choice

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To find a good book, book allows you to find more high quality content of the novel, from now on there will be no shortage of books, is that you choose high quality the good assistant of the novel, later it would be easier to find all kinds of popular novels, don’t miss the wonderful novel content, the recommended to help you, if I then remember attention, thumb up, recommend, recommend more wonderful content for you every day!# Novel recommendation # Today xiaobian to recommend: the fantasy world of the three god books, plot, characters, fighting almost perfect, MOE new pit the best choice!The first: “snow in the fierce knife line” author: the signal fire play zhuhou introduce: the three great god book of unreal bound, plot, character, fighting is almost perfect, sprout new pit best choice!The lake is a pearl curtain.Big people, little people, beads, big stories little stories, strings.The word of love and righteousness is the spirit of those beads.Guide into the pit: Xu Fengnian and Wei Shuyang is to forget, when I was a child riding on the old monk is not never naughty pee on the neck, youth into the pavilion also willing to listen to listen to boom wei grandpa said some mountain spirit fairy story, if not, on the certain things in a Xu Fengnian smart stingy, will get the wudang “ginseng with qi” in the manuscript to the nine meters Wei Shuyang fighting for?And allow it to be copied for later scrutiny?Did Xu Fengnian really not know the value of the book “Ginseng and Tongqi”?Rhubarb court bead jade in front, behind a thin “Can tongqi” is a bit thicker.Xu Fengnian laughed and said, “Grandpa Wei, even if you dig three feet in the river’s lake, I will help you dig that Li Chungang out.”The old Taoist priest shook his head and said, “Even Lao Dao I have to go into a coffin, maybe Old Immortal Li has long passed away.Horse-drawn carriage, ginger mud erjian, heard the Trojan cow three words, are particularly sensitive to this name, and a pile without her absurd 美谈, the imperial place of destruction, ginger imperial heavily bought half a Trojan, or two inches tip, trying to tip into rival rune dagger, even the name think it over, “naive”.Gift to the most distressed niece princess Taiping, and the handle of the charm together into a pair, but not dagger made, West Chu west basi a defeat, the whole country heart.Jiang Ni looked up and down at the dozing old man and asked in a low voice, “Did you talk about the horse cow?”The old man looked a little despondent, and said in a languid voice, “No.”(click below free reading) the second: “seeking magic” author: Ergen introduction: magic before a knock three thousand years, looking back on the world not to do fairy, only for her.When Suming heard this, his mind was shocked, and he vaguely understood that the relationship between grandpa and the wind tunnel tribe was not what he thought it was, and that there might be some past entanglements between them.Just because of this, there is something to be said for the reason why A gong is reluctant to come to the Feng Zhen over the years. At the same time, the barbarian gong of the Feng Zhen tribe must be afraid and always be polite because he is obviously only in the coagulation state.Suming’s mind before the black python, ah Gong and the purple robe of the same man to step empty scene, the heart could not help beating up.”You’ll find out later.”Agong did not answer, but youyo spread such a word, with Suming, out of this five altar.Jingnan was silent inside the altar. He looked in the direction where Mo Sang was leaving, and his face became gloomy. For a long time, he took out a small bottle from his bosom, which was purple and looked so gorgeous that anything he could carry with him must have been very precious to him.Open this bottle, a medicinal fragrance, that inside, impressively there is a medicinal stone!Cleaning powder!”Alas, only one…One doesn’t do much for me. If I could get eight more…”Jingnan eyes flash a trace of desire.”Find the brute that quenched it!Find this man at all costs…I’ve got the perimeter sealed off. There’s no way this guy’s getting out!Introduction: Eight hundred years ago, Zhang Ruochen, the son of emperor Ming, was killed by his fiancee Princess Chiyao, a generation of heaven arrogant, this fall.
After 800 years, Zhang Ruochen lived afresh come over, discover once killed his fiancee however, had united Kunlun bound, open up a first central empire, so-called “Empress of chi Yao”.Into the pit guide: Zhang Ruochen is too young, the strength is too terrible.The great warrior in the Yellow Pole couldn’t even force him to take a step back, let alone a sword.”He should have cultivated his sword intention to the state of ‘go with your heart’. If you can’t break his sword intention, anyone who goes there will only be knocked down by his one move.”With a smile on his face, Xue Jiansheng said, “Ha ha!Don’t you know who he is?””Who is that?””Asked the crowd.Xue Said, “He is the ninth prince of the state of Yunwu. At the end of the year, he can defeat the geniuses of the greater state by virtue of his cultivation in the lesser state.At his training rate, he should have reached the middle pole by now.No one can defeat him but a great warrior of the Yellow Pole.””Ha ha!It turned out to be the famous martial arts wizard Nine Prince, I went to meet him.”On the grandstand, a bald man with two hammers in his hands, kicked off with both feet and jumped over a distance of more than ten meters to the platform.”Nine prince royal highness, I Guo Sihai to fight with you fifth, you can be careful, I this pair of hammer add up to weigh eight hundred catties, once hit, even iron man also want to be smashed.”Guo Sihai Dao.Those who can win five games in a row in the Yellow level martial arts Palace are almost perfect practitioners of the Yellow Pole. Only a few geniuses are practitioners of the Yellow Pole.(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation, remember to follow, recommend and like it, and there will be more wonderful content waiting for you in the future!Past period wonderful content: the net world three seal god work, is absolute god level works, new fans into the pit will see!Three high quality urban novels, the first book is the fastest to reach 100,000 orders, is the city list of the row!The book “The Eagle Eats the chicken” had 200,000 hits on its first day and topped the fantasy list