After “the beginning”, Bai Jingting will usher in an ancient puppet drama, see the setting: too interesting

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Real hits come out of the blue, with no chance for reaction.Such is the case with “The Beginning”, the opening work of 2022. Without overwhelming publicity, it went online for 8 episodes without any reason, and thus became a must-play of countless netizens.”Beginning” after, of midday sunshine “gold character signboard” more cheng Guang tile is bright, female advocate Zhao Jinmai becomes red-hot 00 flower, male advocate Bai Jingting also ushered in a small peak of career.Of course, no matter how good the work is, it is also the result of the past.The next installment is still the focus of fans’ attention.After “the beginning”, Bai Jingting will usher in an ancient puppet drama, see the setting: too interesting.This antique puppet drama is The New Chuan Daily Life.Xinchuan Daily is adapted from The novel Qingchuan Daily by Tamu Muta. With a new world outlook, it builds a clear flow in the court drama, integrates multiple views on marriage and love and gender topics, and breaks through the male gaze by opposing palace fighting and female rivalry.It tells the story of li Wei through the history of the famous four ye side fujin.As the side of the fujin, she passed through the past daily is roast mutton kebabs, milk tea, cake, silk soup……Eat and drink enough every day, continue to brush four ye copy in the evening, live a happy life.The author is fluent in writing and knows how to write from small to large.The life of the female son who did not go out for a long time gradually unfolds the life axis of the Kangxi to Yongzheng years of the Jie Dynasty, presenting lifelike life records of the Jie Dynasty to the reader, which is very wonderful.The heroine of the play finalized Tian Xi-wei, she played through li Wei.The hero is Bai Jingting, who portrays the “Four Masters” frequently seen in costume dramas.It is worth mentioning that although Bai jingting has made his debut for many years, he has only played Gu Nanyi in Tian Sheng Chang Ge.Therefore, the role of The fourth master in The New Chuan Daily Life is also his first as a male lead, which is highly anticipated by fans.In fact, Qing dynasty drama is common, from the previous “Palace Lock Heart Jade”, “Bu Bu Jing Xin” to “Dream Hui” are the modern heroine through the ancient setting.However, Shincheon Daily is more interesting than previous Cheongchon dramas, so it stands out from the crowded cheongchon dramas.Bai rose to fame for his role as Qiao Ran in Fleet of Time, and later gained fans for her roles in Whirlwind Girl and Summer Solstice yet.It hasn’t exploded over the years, but it’s going pretty well.He finally hit the big time with The Beginning in 2022, but even if he’s approaching 30 and needs to break new ground, Shinkawa Daily is a good try.I hope Bai Jingting can bring you a different ancient puppet drama hero.