6 Popular pets, which do you prefer?Number four, men don’t choose. Number six, women are afraid

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Now more and more people like to keep pets, pets can bring people emotional companionship, can relieve their depressed mood.For many friends, raising pets, especially those that are clever and obedient and can be stroked, can make owners have a sense of warmth and security.Psychologist Harlow put forward the concept of “contact comfort”.That is, young mammals have a need for physical contact with their mothers, and if their mothers are not around, young mammals will try to find something like their mother to replace them.This may be the reason why many people, especially girls, like to touch furry animals, which can find a sense of warmth and security.Here are 6 of the most common pets that men love and women dread.The first kind of pet: birds birds can be said to be pets of a long time, from ancient people formed a bird culture.From the cage birds at the beginning, with the development, to the present frame raising, and then to the artificial breeding of free-range raising, bird raising forms are constantly changing because of people’s needs.Birds are becoming younger.So which birds are suitable for us to keep?For novices like easy to breed ten sisters birds, pearl birds, gray birds can be the first choice, parrot like budgerigars, peony parrots can be, like a slightly bigger head can choose the dark phoenix parrot, and then a bigger parrot does not recommend novice raising, generally need to raise certificate to raise.The biggest pain point of raising a bird is that the bird is not easy to listen to, it is difficult to touch it, many can only be seen from a distance and not obscene play yan.The best thing about keeping birds is that they are good for both young and old, because birds can fly and there is a sense of freedom that people can’t achieve, and there is a sense of achievement if they are well cared for.Dogs were originally domesticated to help people survive, such as guarding homes and helping people with hunting and herding.With the improvement of people’s spiritual needs and the impact of foreign dog breeds, pet dogs have become the mainstay of pet class.The cute teacup dog, the warm and friendly Corgi, the timid and crying husky and the kind and patient golden retriever are all loved by people.Generally speaking, for pet dogs, girls prefer small ones, while boys prefer tall and powerful ones. Do boys have a dream of Tibetan mastiff in their hearts?The biggest pain point of pet dog is big size, three meals a day, it is not convenient for the owner to go out, and the dog must be tied up to avoid biting pedestrians.The biggest advantage of pet dogs is that dogs are more humane and intelligent than other pets.It’s the most interactive pet there is.The third kind of pet: cat speaking of cats, the same is, at the beginning of people’s breeding is to help their own expulsion of mice, and then slowly evolved, upgraded to a pet cat, although the nature of the cat is to catch mice, but due to human pet raising, part of the cat to catch mice has been degraded, and even the cat afraid of mice.Apart from the cat’s vocation, let’s talk about why the cat can become a pet. I think it comes from the cat, why some people like to say that stroking the cat is like stroking it, which is the leader of the healing department.Girls, especially, have a natural attraction to cats.One of the biggest pain points in owning a cat is shedding, especially at the end of the season. If you are wearing something like wool, you may have to clean it up after stroking the cat.The biggest advantage of keeping a cat is healing, no matter you are in a bad mood, or a good mood, it can bring you a sense of security and happiness.The fourth kind of pet: rabbit for rabbits, we may be more for viewing, their relatives are not high, even if raised from childhood, do not like to stick people, only when you feed, they will take the initiative to close to you.If it is not raised from childhood, may be put out of the cage, and then want to go back is not simple.Their attractive place should be the appearance, depending on the appearance level to eat, three mouth, long ears, funny funny.However, girls may prefer this kind of animal, while boys generally do not choose to raise it. One of the reasons is that the excrement of this kind of animal has a pungent smell, and it often needs to be cleaned. The interaction is poor.The biggest pain point that raises rabbit is smell, those who raise have experience deeply.Rabbit house to often clean, their pull urine smell is very big, so the indoor environment requires higher friends to choose carefully.The biggest advantage of raising rabbits is that they are cute and rare. After all, rabbits don’t have many friends.Have to say, this is really a technical life, ordinary people can not raise, a lot of friends are looking good, keep a few try, figure a view, but a short few days, long a few months died.Most of it is due to poor homework, a small water tank or a water change.So without some time of fish farming experience is really not enough.This kind of pet is loved by people because of its colorful appearance, different shapes and variations in appearance.A favorite pet of men, women and children.The biggest pain point of fish farming is easy to die, need a big fish tank, can not get a bowl of large tank, put water on breeding.The biggest advantage of fish farming is very high ornamental, especially with some fish tank landscape, the underwater scenery three-dimensional present in front of people.When it comes to different pets, many girls may not be familiar with them, and may even be afraid of them.What do different pets generally refer to?For example: snakes, spiders, lizards, toads and so on, you think if you keep such animals in the home, I’m afraid many girls would not sleep.Most of the people who raise different pets should be boys. After all, this kind of animal needs courage to be a pet. It is important to watch and watch it safely.In addition, there is still a great controversy over the raising of different pets. After all, many different pets are wild animals, or even protected, so raising pets must comply with laws and regulations, and those who need a breeding certificate must apply for the corresponding breeding certificate.The biggest pain point of raising different pets is the danger, and many friends feel unable to understand and accept.One of the greatest benefits of pet breeding is curiosity, achievement and satisfaction.If you had a pet, which one would you choose?No matter which kind, pets once raised please do not abandon, for adults, pets are your spiritual companion.And for pets, once you raise it, you become all of it.From the moment of feeding, its world is only you.If keep please treat, don’t keep don’t hurt!