Pets, too!Teacher Gu and turtle are the best partners!Fendou’s dreams are so real!

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Today xiaobian to bring you the comic is funny type.Whether it’s friends at work!Or school friends!Must be a lot of pressure in everyday life!So take a look at the comics!Comics may bring you joy!Last time said teacher Gu grows vegetables on the balcony at home!All these vegetables are growing in the neighbor’s house!The man is very angry!The ancient teacher then immediately pulled out all radish!This ancient teacher is doing nothing again!So Teacher Gu is going to buy a pet to add to the feelings!If you can’t grow vegetables, get a pet!Just do it!Teacher gu came to a pet shop, here is a pet shop!Can recommend the right pet for you!Someone asked oh, that he is suitable for what pet!The boss says this Persian cat is perfect for you!What kind of pet did the tall man say he should have?So the boss recommended the dog!Say this poppet is perfect for you!Xiaobian think this boss follow up the guest appearance to recommend pets!Then Teacher Gu came in!Said he wanted a pet!So this man is gu teacher downstairs neighbor!The man told the ancient teacher you are more suitable for raising the tortoise!Evening beans in the morning told star too strange he did a dream last night, evening beans said this last night in a dream that he is the Monkey King!The star said admiringly, wow, that’s great!Is there a kind of cloud feeling!Cool!Hard beans a face uncomfortable appearance to say cool what ah!In the dream, vigorous beans are a mountain pressure, the feeling of suffocation!Star taiqi said yo!Fendou, is your quilt too thick?You’re weird, too!Sun Wukong so many scenes you can not dream, but also dream of being pressed under the mountain!Hard beans even dream is so strange ah!Thanks for watching!We will give you more next time!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the small new cartoon fendou’s mouth is open too light oh!Very effective!The ancient teacher planted: out of the white radish!Hard beans hate god unfair!Why not give him a full-toned throat!The dream becomes a blockbuster scene