Man 3 jins of liquor and drink!Railway regulations: belong to inflammable and explosive articles, prohibited to carry!

2022-06-02 0 By

Recently, a man in Chenzhou, Hunan province, was stopped for carrying nearly 3 jin of bulk liquor into the station, and drank it all at the scene, drunk down the station.This video reminds many netizens of the movie lost in Lost, “Who has never seen this plot before?Wang Baoqiang airport drink milk.”In this regard, hengyang railway public security department said, the first time the staff will be sent to the hospital for treatment to sober up, there is no serious problem.According to jimu News report, according to the railway Safety Management Regulations, bulk liquor is flammable and explosive goods, it is forbidden to carry into the station to get on the train, passengers are requested to strictly abide by, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to their trip.In this regard, many users have seen the video after the message “reality version of people in lost journey” “is a malicious person” also have users warm tips: remember!Liquor in bulk belongs to inflammable and explosive articles and cannot be carried on the train.A doctor V also said that this kind of binge drinking liquor behavior, very harmful to the body, damage to the stomach mucosa is also some, so do not do such inappropriate measures.Man with 3 jin of liquor on the train was stopped on the spot and drank it all