Low Angle art children’s exhibition was held in Datong Art Museum

2022-06-01 0 By

In order to boost the vigorous development of youth art in Datong city, on March 22, the low-angle art children’s exhibition was launched in The No.1 Exhibition Hall of Datong Art Museum. As the first themed exhibition of children’s art held by the museum, it presented a painting feast full of magical imagination for the audience from the perspective of children.Walking into the exhibition hall is like walking into the folk customs palace, as well as the natural world. Colorful lion Dance paintings, lifelike insect works, magnificent murals of Yongle Palace, and mysterious Mask works of Sanxingdui, each of which has cultural charm, contains popular science value, or shows regional colors.Visitors are amazed that these works were created by children aged between 4 and 14.This exhibition is sponsored by Datong Art Museum, which is a beneficial attempt to improve the level of public cultural services as the youth art development base of Datong city.It aims to inspire children’s artistic talent and broaden their vision of painting by displaying more than 150 works such as watercolor, acrylic, engraving, oil painting stick, sculpture, relief, murals and comprehensive materials.The city art Museum will also take this opportunity to create a special exhibition hall for young people, through the introduction of paintings, sculptures, animation and other exhibitions across the country, so that the audience can perceive and understand the beautiful world in the eyes of children from a special perspective.