Immersive humanistic experience drama “Meet Xiu Rong” settled in xinzhou ancient City

2022-06-01 0 By

During the Spring Festival, shanxi Culture and Tourism Group and Xinzhou Ancient City scenic area to create the first immersive cultural experience drama “Meet Xiu Rong” will be open to tourists.According to reports, the play around the historical evolution of xiurong ancient city as the background, to the market life as the element, the depth of the “Xiurong spirit” cultural elements, after continuous careful choreography, to create an innovative immersive humanistic experience tourism play.The play takes the feelings of family and country and youth struggle of four students of Xiurong Academy as the story line. Through fresh historical content, dramatic reform wave and superb scientific and technological means, it jointly realizes the cultural interpretation of xinzhou ancient City, carries forward Shanxi culture and spreads xinzhou story.(Zhang Tingting)