Galaxy TES has dropped out of the top 10, EDG and LNG dominate the league table

2022-06-01 0 By

The steady rain couldn’t dampen people’s enthusiasm for the Chinese New Year. As summoners leave the valley to spend the Year of the Tiger with their families, LOL updated the global battle list.After all, it’s the first global ranking of the New Year, so which teams will make the list and which will fall out of the top 10?Without further ado, let’s continue to look down.EDG is currently ranked no. 1, followed by LNG no. 2. It’s no surprise that EDG still holds the top spot.Although EDG coaching staff has changed, the hard power of players is still there. Since the LPL spring season started, EDG has achieved a complete victory, from line to operation, from team to decision making, EDG continues the absolute strength they showed in S11 World Championship.As for LNG this team is also a complete victory at present, in single Doinb’s joining, let this team once entered the S11 world championship but lost the team coruscated new vitality.I have to say that Doinb is a player with his own system. He may not be dominant in the middle of the line, but his understanding of the game, his control of the situation, is the best.The LNG restructuring is only a few months away, give them some time, the future is really foreseeable.T1 in the third place is also not to be underestimated. As the founder of the dynasty of LCK, T1 has won 6 straight wins since the LCK spring competition began, and even DK can not stop its footsteps.Faker and his new teammates are getting better and better. As a long-time T1 fan, I haven’t seen T1 dominate LCK like this in a long time.If this trend continues, EDG and T1 could both win the championship in their respective divisions and then meet MSI for a showdown.For TES, who were hailed as “Galacticos” before LPL spring, the Spring Festival has not been a happy one.Because their current game state is really poor, the last game of the year ago against OMG, directly two consecutive games by OMG on the ground friction.TES is 2-3 and 11th in the LPL spring season.Such luxurious player configuration, just hit such a result, I think no TES fans will be satisfied.So it’s no surprise that TES dropped out of the top 10.But it is very interesting, may be some TES fans since the dark magic daze, for the global battle power list no TES feel very dissatisfied, blunt “LPL team list is not the first east?”Boy, is the battle of the East and west here?At the end of the article, THE author would like to say a happy New Year to all summoners, but also want to say something to TES team: compared with the runin between players, improve the players’ own game state is the best solution.Take TES against FPX for example, Lwx and Jackeylove’s downroad duel is a perfect illustration of the saying: “There is a gap between world champions AD.”After TES will also usher in a lot of tough battles, and then go on like this, it is not dropped out of the global battle list top ten so simple, even into the LPL playoffs, may have to play a question mark.Summoners, what do you think of this?Let’s have a chat!Ps: I wish you to see the year of tiger, and don’t forget to like and follow me